HHS Vision: North Dakota is the healthiest state in the nation.

HHS Mission Statement: HHS fosters positive, comprehensive outcomes by promoting economic, behavioral, and physical health, ensuring a holistic approach to individual and community well-being.

Our mission underscores the incredible work that is already underway across HHS today. It reflects our commitment to keep the well-being of individuals and communities at the forefront of our efforts. 

HHS Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities provide the specifics for how we will achieve our vision and how we will measure our success:

  • Support the advancement of strong, stable, healthy families and communities. 
  • Advance the foundations of well-being through access to high-quality services and supports closer to home.
  • Optimize disaster and epidemic response and recovery.
  • Advance excellence in agency infrastructure and operations.
  • Deliver best-in-class customer-centered experiences.
  • Foster a culture of excellence where every team member has a voice, adds value, and is empowered to make a difference.

HHS Guiding Principles 

Our guiding principles are more than just words. They inspire our decisions, fuel our passion for service and shape our culture as an agency: 

  • Continuous improvement and innovation: We embrace continuous improvement and innovation as ways to streamline the delivery of services, drive efficiencies and promote best-in-class customer-centered experiences.
  • Responsible stewardship: Our organizational effectiveness and impact is enhanced by our strategic and efficient management of agency funding, assets and resources. 
  • Transparent and open communication: We prioritize transparent and open communication to facilitate trust, organizational and stakeholder awareness, collaboration and unity.
  • Engaged collaboration: We bring a spirit of teamwork and accountability to every interaction, using our combined strengths to drive solutions and success.
  • Data-centered decisions: Our decisions are grounded in data; we use facts and metrics to inform and guide our actions and evaluate outcomes.


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