Ombudsman: a Swedish word meaning someone who speaks on behalf of another; someone responsible for investigating and resolving complaints from consumers or other members of the public.

North Dakota's Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program speaks on behalf of people living in assisted living homes, basic care homes, hospital swing beds, transitional cal units or nursing homes. The ombudsmen work to resolve complaints to the resident's satisfaction and offer information and resources on long-term care homes.

Residents of long-term care homes may have concerns about the quality of their care or that their rights as a resident are not being honored.

Become a Volunteer Ombudsman:

We are seeking dedicated individuals to advocate for North Dakota's long-term care residents. Through flexible, weekly visits, Ombudsman volunteers develop relationships and trust with residents of long-term care homes and their families. They address concerns impacting residents' health, welfare, safety and rights. Learn more and get started today!


Ready to improve the quality of life for residents at your local nursing home? Call (701) 328-4617, or toll-free (855) 462-5465. Choose option 3.

The Program Serves:

Services are provided by long-term care ombudsmen based across the state and by volunteer ombudsmen.

To Report a Concern or Get Information:

Essential Caregiver

Basic protocols for essential caregiver access to long-term care facilities were developed by the Essential Caregiver Workgroup in response to the passage of Senate Bill 2145 during the 2021 North Dakota legislative session.

Volunteer Ombudsmen

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer ombudsman, please contact the number above and ask for the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

Electronic Monitoring for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

Residents' Rights Information

Additional Resources