Monitoring dental care access and oral health status data is important to the people of North Dakota, to public and private oral and primary health care providers, to government agencies, and to those working in oral health prevention. The North Dakota Oral Health Program’s Oral Health Surveillance System is dedicated to:

  • Reporting annual oral health workforce data.
  • Conducting, and reporting the results of, oral health basic screening surveys among specific subpopulations of the state. Surveys have assessed the oral health status of:
    • Nursing home residents.
    • Third-grade students.
    • Kindergarten students.
  • Reporting annual oral health data provided through Medicaid.
  • Annually updating and tracking public-use data on oral health.

Under funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Oral Health Program monitors the burden of oral disease, the use of the oral health care delivery system, and the status of community water fluoridation at a state level. Learn more about the National Oral Health Surveillance System. One of the efforts undertaken by the Oral Health Program is to complete a Basic Screening Survey among various subsets of the state’s population. For more information on Basic Screening Surveys, access information provided by the Association of State & Territorial Dental Directors.  

Opportunities and Need to Promote Oral Health Equity in North Dakota

Opportunities and Need to Promote Oral Health Equity in North Dakota

Oral Health in North Dakota

Oral Health During Pregnancy


This booklet describes the current opportunities to address and promote good oral health in North Dakota.

This booklet presents data, by topic, to demonstrate opportunities to implement targeted interventions, improving not only health of the mouth, but overall health! 

All data, unless explicitly stated otherwise, are specific to North Dakota.



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Adolescent Reports

Adolescent dental visit rates and oral health status reports

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Adult Reports

Adult (ages 18-64) dental visit rates and oral health status reports

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Older Adult Reports

Older adults (ages 65+) dental visit rates and oral health status reports

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Cancer Data

Oral and Pharyngeal cancer incidence and mortality rates


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Dental Workforce Reports

Access to care, retirement plans, and workforce distribution reports

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Oral Health by Race

Data on oral health status and dental visit rates by race in North Dakota

Charts and graphs

Oral Health Program Reports

Reach and impact of the Oral Health Program’s activities

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Healthy People 2030

Measures collected nationally to improve health and well-being