Federal regulations establish a committee to advise the state's Medicaid agency and its Medicaid director on health and medical care services.

The purpose of the MMAC is to provide a forum where the Department of Health and Human Services (ND HHS) Medicaid program and its partners, including health care and social service providers, members and their families, and advocates, can:

  1. Review and recommend changes to existing Medicaid policies, including covered services and access to services.
  2. Review and discuss new Medicaid policies that are brought forth by the Department, statewide partners, and the legislative and executive branch members and their staff.
  3. Review and discuss proposed changes to the Medicaid state plan and waivers.
  4. Provide and receive updates on key Medicaid initiatives or activities.
  5. Review the quality, access, and expenditures of the Medicaid program of the prior biennium and the HHS Medicaid proposals for the next session in July preceding each regular legislative session.

The MMAC generally meets four times a year. 

Who are Medicaid Medical Advisory Committee members?

The MMAC is designed to ensure that a diverse set of opinions and voices are heard. MMAC members should have experience with Medicaid:

  • as a member beneficiary, 
  • through representation of or direct service provision to Medicaid beneficiaries, or 
  • by being familiar with the health and social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries and with the resources available and required for their care.

What other requirements are there?

Members serve on the MMAC for three years. More information can be found in the MMAC’s Charter.
How can I join the MMAC?

As current members end their MMAC term, there will be openings for new members. Openings will be announced at a MMAC meeting. Nominees will have until two weeks prior to the next MMAC meeting to send an email to the Medicaid director with:

  • the agency or organization they represent, 
  • the reason they would like to serve, 
  • their experience with Medicaid and/or Medicaid beneficiaries, 
  • personal or professional expertise, 
  • involvement in the community, and 
  • board/task force/council expertise (if any). 

At the subsequent meeting, the Medicaid director or designee will announce the appointees. 

Meetings are open to the public.

2024 Meeting Schedule

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2023 Agendas and Minutes
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2022 Agendas and Minutes
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2021 Agendas and Minutes
  • May 11, 5-7 p.m. - Virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams/conference call option and in person at the ND Heritage Center, Lecture Room A/B.
    Agenda | Meeting Minutes - May 11, 2021 (69kb pdf)
  • July 13, 4-6 p.m. - Virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams/conference call option and at Great River Energy Conference Room, 1611 E. Century Ave., Bismarck. 
    Agenda | 
  • Sept. 14, 4-6 p.m. - Virtual meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
  • Nov. 16, 4-6 p.m. - Virtual meeting Agenda | Meeting Minutes

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