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What is a mental health program?

For the purpose of this directory, a mental health program is any service being delivered by a licensed mental health professional in North Dakota. A licensed mental health professional for the purposes of this registry includes North Dakota Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Nurse-Mental Health, and Clinical Social Workers.

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Are all mental health programs in this directory?

No, if the mental health program did not register, they would not appear in this directory. If you know of an existing mental health program that is not in this directory, please reach out to If you are a mental health program and want to register your program, please click here

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What kinds of providers offer mental health services?

There are many kinds of providers who offer mental health services. The table below provides some high-level information about the different types of providers and gives some examples of the services they might provide.

Clinical Psychologist

Professional Counselor

Clinical Social Worker

Marriage and Family Therapist

Behavioral Health Assessments


Nurse Practitioner

Primary Care Doctor


Prescribe and monitor medication



Specialized testing and diagnosis for neurocognitive disorders

Addiction Counselor

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Peer Support Specialists

Recovery Coach

Supportive services to enhance your recovery

The Mental Health Program Directory offers a listing of mental health programs available to ND citizens, not individual providers. Each program will be able to connect you with a mental health provider that meets your unique need!

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What is telehealth?

Providing behavioral health care from a distance, usually using videoconferencing technology. This can involve intakes, psychiatric evaluations, therapy (individual, group, family), patient education, and medication management.

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Is telehealth an option?

Yes, a program may be located in another state and licensed to provide services to people in North Dakota. Programs located in North Dakota can also provide telehealth to people in North Dakota. If you are looking for a telehealth program, you can use the search/filter feature in the directory.

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What if I can’t find a mental health program in the directory where I live?
  • If you can travel a short distance, you can look for a program in a nearby location or you can use the search/filter feature to find a program that offers telehealth
  • Please note that all programs in this directory are licensed to provide services to people in North Dakota.
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What if I don’t have health insurance coverage for mental health services?

Most programs/providers will accept self-pay, please reach to the individual program to discuss rates.

However, if you do not have mental health insurance coverage or are unable to afford, please look here for additional resources:

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Are substance use disorder programs listed in this directory?

Many mental health programs also provide substance use services, so you can check with each program.

However, if you are looking for a substance use disorder program or need assistance with paying for substance use services, please look here for additional resources: