Effective April 1, 2022, the duties required to license a family foster home for children were transferred to the ND Department of Health and Human Services - Children and Families Services. Legislative redesign efforts (SB 2086 (section 26) shifted all duties and licensing responsibilities to the department.

The CFS Licensing Unit will:

  • Implement statewide law, rule and policy standards for provider licensing,
  • Complete foster home for children licensing,
  • Engage in recruitment and retention efforts,
  • Identify shelter and respite care providers, 
  • Offer PRIDE pre-service training to prospective foster care providers.
  • Complete Qualified Residential Treatment Programs (QRTP) licensing,
  • Complete Supervised Independent Living (SIL) licensing,
  • Complete Licensed Child Placing Agencies (LCPA) licensing,
  • Complete certified shelter care programs licensing.

Who do I call if I am interested in providing foster care?

Contact the Children and Family Services Training Center (CFSTC)

  • Inquiry Phone: 1-833-FST-HOME (1-833-378-4663)
  • Fill out the “request information link” and you will be contacted. Request information on becoming a licensed foster home for children.

How do I contact the CFS Licensing Unit?

Where can I learn more about policy and forms for licensing?

ND CFS Licensing Unit works with various authorized licensing agents.