Staying Healthy

Diabetes can affect every part of your body.  The good news is that you can prevent most diabetes related problems by keeping your blood glucose under control.  Some keys to daily blood glucose control include:

  • Practicing healthy eating
  • Being active daily
  • Taking your medicine as prescribed
  • Monitoring your blood glucose

Accessing the health care  services recommended for people with diabetes is an important part of diabetes self-management.  Having a basic understanding of what services are commonly reimbursed by health insurance will help you plan for your diabetes care.  The link below provides a summary of what diabetes care services  are billed to the North Dakota health insurance plans as listed. 

It is important to remember that health insurance coverage is subject to change and that for optimal accuracy, you should contact your health insurance provider directly to ask about your coverage for specific services.

Click here for a brochure on health insurance options.