More Resources to Help You Quit


In addition to the free tobacco and nicotine dependence treatment programs that NDQuits offers, there are many related resources administered through NDQuits to help specific populations of North Dakota. We provide incentives and initiatives amongst these groups of people – and help more individuals quit smoking or using tobacco products.


American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP) 


Traditional tobacco is sacred to American Indians – but the use of commercial tobacco products, like cigarettes, chew, and vapes, is not. NDQuits specifically assists members of Tribal Nations to quit tobacco use that is not a part of their cultural heritage through the American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program (AICTP).

People of American Indian/Alaska Native descent smoke at a higher rate and have more difficulty quitting than those of other racial and ethnic groups. Therefore, they are more likely to suffer from health issues related to smoking, including cancer and heart disease.

Because of this discrepancy, NDQuits offers incentives and additional support to American Indian/Alaska Native residents of North Dakota who want to quit.

Learn more about program eligibility by calling 1-855-372-0037.


Maternal Tobacco Program 

Quitting tobacco is the most important thing expectant mothers can do for their health and for the health of their baby. Currently, in North Dakota, 8.5% of pregnant women smoke. If moms stay tobacco-free, their children stand a better chance of never starting.

More information about the Maternal Tobacco Program.

Pregnancy/Postpartum Protocol

Eligibility and Incentives

  • Currently pregnant (cannot enroll in the program if postpartum)
  • Receives $20 per completed call during pregnancy (up to $100)
  • Receives $30 per completed postpartum call (up to $120)

Pregnancy Process

  • If a caller is eligible for the Pregnancy Postpartum program, we complete an Intake and enroll them in the coaching program assigning a specific cessation coach. 
  • Medical screening is conducted to determine any potential contraindications or any NRT products offered. 
  • The participant is transferred to a pregnancy QuitLogix Coach for a coaching call or an appointment is scheduled for a coaching call in the new future at a time that is convenient or the participant. 
  • In addition to coaching, the participant will have the opportunity to receive text messages on her cell phone. 
  • Incentives or completed calls begin. Coaching continues through pregnancy and resumes 2 weeks postpartum.

Postpartum Process

  • Two weeks prior to the due date, the coach will either send a text message or call the participant. 
  • Coaching calls resume at 2-week intervals. 
  • Reminder text messages will be sent prior to each phone call (if the participant opted to receive). 
  • Incentives for postpartum completed calls. 

Enroll in NDQuits Pregnancy Rewards, a free program designed specifically for pregnancy women who want to quit smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco. Members gain the best strategies or quitting, how to beat the cravings and remain tobacco-free, along with a minimum of nine coaching calls - five during pregnancy and four after the baby is born. You also have the choice of receiving motivational text messages to help you stay on track. 

My Life, My Quit

Nearly 5 million U.S. teens use tobacco. Quitting early saves young people from a potential lifetime of addiction to tobacco products and helps them live healthier, happier lives.

NDQuits supports individuals of all ages who want to quit but have specific tools available to youth and young adults who are ready to be tobacco-free through the My Life, My Quit program

The My Life, My Quit program provides youth access to tailored resources for quitting, including:

  • Youth coaches who receive special training on the best ways to build relationships with youth.
  • Five coaching sessions by phone, live texting, or chat with a coach who will listen and help teens navigate social situations while finding healthy ways to cope with stress.
  • Text or call a dedicated toll-free number (1-855-891-9989) for real-time coaching.
  • Additional text messages for support to quit vaping, smoking, or chewing tobacco.
  • Simplified program registration and enrollment process to get to coaching faster.
  • Website with online enrollment, chat with a live coach, information about vaping and tobacco, and activities to support quitting.
  • Promotional and educational materials designed for youth with messages from youth about quitting tobacco and vaping and how to ask for support.
  • A water-marked certificate of completion of the program.

Medicaid Coverage For Tobacco and Nicotine Dependence Treatment 

Effective January 1st, 2020, Medicaid covers FDA-approved nicotine treatment products without requiring Medicaid recipients to receive prior authorization.

Learn more about Medicaid Coverage for Cessation.