What is EBT?

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is the way you receive and use your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in North Dakota.

How do I receive my EBT card?

Local human service zone offices do not issue new or replacement EBT cards. If you are receiving an EBT card for the first time, it will be mailed directly to you.

If you need a replacement card you may request one in the following ways:

  • On the ebtEDGE mobile app
  • By visiting
  • By calling the FIS Customer Service Helpline at 1.800.630.4655.

Please allow up to 7 business days from the date the local human service zone office receives your application for your card to arrive.

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Where can I use my EBT card?

Most authorized food retailers and convenience stores accept EBT. Authorized retailers display a decal on the door that looks like your card. Your card should work at any terminal that displays the Quest logo.

You can also use your EBT card at participating farmers markets.

What if my benefits have been stolen electronically or I suspect fraud?

What if my benefits have been stolen electronically or I suspect fraud?
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What is an electronic stolen benefit?

An electronic stolen benefit happens when your EBT card is skimmed or cloned.

Card skimming is the copying of information from the magnetic strip found your EBT card. This allows thieves to steal money from your account, make purchases and sell card information to third parties.

Card cloning is the act of making unauthorized copies of the card information. This enables criminals to use the cloned information for payments or sell it on the underground market.

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How do I report an electronic stolen benefit?

Benefit replacement is only available for benefits stolen electronically, meaning the card was skimmed or cloned. Benefits that were stolen as a result of physical theft, for example a stolen wallet, are not eligible for replacement.



  • Call the Customer Support Center at 1-866-614-6005.


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What is the timeframe for reporting electronic stolen benefits?

Effective July 10, 2023 stolen benefits must be reported and form submitted within 30 days of the date of discovery.

Retroactive Benefits Replacement:

Benefits stolen between October 1, 2022 and July 10, 2023 can be reported as retroactive claims.

Retroactive claims will be accepted from July 10, 2023 through August 9, 2023.

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What if my request is denied?

These guidelines apply to requests:

  • No more than 2 requests in a fiscal year
  • Must be sufficient evidence to support the claim
  • Must be in the correct timeframe

If your request is denied you may request a fair hearing. You can request a fair hearing:

Online: Submit an appeal request
Phone: Contact the Customer Support center at 1.866.614.6005 or 701-328-1000; 711 (TTY)
In-Person: Visit your local human service zone office

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How can I protect my EBT card?

If you have misplaced your card or are concerned about fraud you can cancel or freeze your card by:

Block out of state transactions by:

Keep your PIN safe:

  • Change your PIN when requesting new card
  • Use a PIN that cannot be guessed easily

Check your balance regularly.

Information and Resources

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Information and Resources
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If you would like to view a version of these publications that can be translated, visit the Apply for Help Publications page.

EBT Handbook: A handbook with questions and answers about EBT.

Helpful EBT Tips: Tips and resources for using your EBT card.

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Download the ebtEDGE mobile app on the Apple App or Google Play Store. Visit Call the Customer Service Helpline at 1.800.630.4655