DVR has had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of North Dakotans with disabilities through its vocational rehabilitation services and business services. Our efforts can best be demonstrated through the stories of clients who have utilized our services, and in the testimonials of businesses and clients we have worked with.


"DVR is a great resource for Cloverdale's employment needs. We work with DVR clients and their Counselors to determine their skill level in relation to the expectations of a specific position. Clients from DVR have the willingness and the drive to do their very best. We want them to be successful, and by working with DVR Counselors, this process is very beneficial to everyone and saves time for all involved."

Darlene Reinarts
Vice President Human Resources,
Cloverdale Foods
Mandan, ND

"We work with DVR for our employees who are injured or not able to perform essential job functions. The staff at DVR is very receptive to thinking outside the box. They can visualize different ways to complete a task and offer retraining and creative solutions so our employees can work to the best of their abilities. DVR is an excellent employment resource and very committed to meeting the needs of our employees."

Rick Gessler
Human Resources Manager,
Altru Health Systems
Grand Forks, ND

"I began working with DVR (then called Vocational Rehabilitation) in the 1980's, and they still continue to be a great recruitment source for us. They are an excellent resource for employers, especially new businesses, to have one more method for filling positions with quality employees.  It's so important to work together to accommodate the needs of employees we hire through DVR! The DVR staff is very service-oriented and willing to work with us in any way! That is a big plus for us."

Sharon Klein
Manager of Human Resources,
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Bismarck, ND

"If someone with a disability truly wants to better themselves, DVR will give them the assistance, the guidance and the tools to succeed. When I came to DVR, I was literally broke. I was financially broke; I was physically busted up; and mentally a basket case. I was able to walk into their office and feel like a special person. If it wasn't for them guiding me and supporting me... I wouldn't be here."

Former client
Bowman, ND

"If it wasn't for DVR helping me... I would not have gotten my job. They are available... willing to help people work through their physical or mental disability. They will do whatever it takes to help the person achieve! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them."

Former client
Killdeer, ND

"If you are trying to make a better life for yourself, you need every backup you can get. A great way to start is with DVR, because they not only help you out, but they get you connected with other places that can help you.

It's challenges that make this world interesting. You look back and wonder how you did it. I think it's important to be an example for your kids. You need to show them you can complete things and make yourself and your life better. I now have the skills to handle different things that come up. I'm more confident, and I think better about who I am. I am stronger.

I feel that I've gotten a lot of help from VR."

Former client
Egeland, ND