Hospital Preparedness Program


The Hospital Preparedness Program coordinates and supports emergency preparedness activities across the healthcare continuum; engaging hospitals, long term care facilities, emergency medical services, and clinics in planning and implementing systems to increase capacity to provide care to those affected by emergencies and infectious disease outbreaks.



Public Health Emergency Volunteer Reserve/Medical Reserve Corps (PHEVR/MRC)

Public Health Emergency Volunteer Reserve/Medical Reserve Corps is a partnership between the state and local health departments and communities throughout the state of North Dakota. Through this partnership we have created a statewide, secure database of credentialed healthcare professionals and others who are interested in volunteering their services in an emergency.

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Health Care (HC) Standard

HC Standard is data management tool utilized by NDDoH. HC Standard is designed to be very flexible with the data collected; data can easily be manipulated, converted into reports, and tracked for lengths of time. HC Standard also contains the Patient Tracking System which provides a convenient and reliable way for healthcare employees to gather and instantly share information with colleagues at any number of locations.

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