Protecting the health and safety of North Dakotans during emergencies.

What is Medical Cache

North Dakota has a stock of medical equipment and supplies set aside to help sustain vital health care and first responder services during disasters and supply shortages.

Maintained by the North Dakota Department of Health, the cache is a backstop. It exists to assist when emergencies arise and a health care system or facility has depleted its own resources. The cache supplements (does not replace) supplies and equipment purchased by hospitals, clinics and other organizations in our communities.

  • It operates 24-hours a day, every day, and responds to dozens of requests a year.
  • The cache includes personal protective equipment (PPE) that health care professionals and first responders need to wear and use to stay safe from contracting COVID-19 when caring for or encountering people who may have COVID-19. 
    • PPE includes: N-95 respirator masks, surgical masks, surgical isolation gowns, eye and facial protection and gloves.
  • It is not for use by individual citizens.
  • Health care facilities and providers are able to order supplies and equipment

North Dakota is ready

Following in-state flooding disasters and public health emergencies in other states and countries, North Dakota has planned and prepared for years, and is able to respond with needed support during this COVID-10 pandemic. Some states do not have caches.

Inventory includes:

  • Almost 1 million N95 masks
  • 1.8 million surgical masks
  • 1.7 million gloves
  • Over half a million surgical gowns
  • Other equipment and supplies

The cache is available now to support North Dakota health care professionals and first responders during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Supplies from the cache are being distributed now to North Dakota hospitals, ambulance services, other health care providers and entities to ensure they have what they need to safely serve individuals.
  • North Dakota hospitals and other health service providers should continue to purchase needed equipment and supplies from their usual supply sources.
  • HOWEVER, if they cannot get vital PPE and other needed supplies due to back orders and order cancelations, the cache is available.