Providers in Region 7

Providers in Region 7

Each of the providers listed below offers Free Through Recovery services. This includes care coordination and recovery support services for individuals with serious behavioral health diagnoses and who are involved with the criminal justice system.

An individual being referred to Free through Recovery needs to meet the eligibility requirements of Free through Recovery ONLY, not the eligibility requirements of the provider’s already existing services.


All Of Us In Recovery offers comprehensive Case Management that provides client support in accessing services in the community, such as behavioral healthcare, peer support, housing, medical care, advocacy, education, employment, social and spiritual opportunities to improve their lives in recovery.

(218) 779-6825

The mission of Better Together ND is to provide care coordination, peer support, and recovery services aligned to each individual’s specific needs. These needs may be as basic as helping participants access suitable housing, stable employment, or nourishment assistance. A participant-centered care plan will help determine needs and may include chemical dependency treatment, mental health services, educational opportunities, or spiritual guidance. Care coordinators will connect participants to existing resources, such as family support, wellness services, domestic violence prevention, anger management programs, parenting education, and social supports. Client-driven goals will provide guidance and encouragement while helping participants engage in services that enrich their lives, prevent criminal justice involvement, and put them on a path to future success.


Blessed Builders is a bunch of Blessed People Building Others. Blessed Builders offers Care Coordinating and Peer Support services along with Sober Living and Outpatient Treatment services for both men and women in the Bismarck/Mandan area. We have the heart for the people. Blessed Builder's stands beside each individual as they walk out this life's journey. Together we are better.

Blessed Builders - Ministry
Sober Living Housing And Treatment Facility (Men and Women) 

2700 State Street Ste. F-6
Bismarck ND 58503

At BroadWellness our peer supports, and care coordinators believe that recovery is healing. No more no less. We are dedicated to helping individuals heal from the past and develop a bright future. A future free of addiction and recidivism. We are passionate about helping others learn how to do life sober. We want to focus on helping others learn new life skills so they can have success in all areas of life; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Through our lived experience we have learned that no matter what anyone has been through or even what you are going through, healing is possible, and the best is yet to come. Our heart is to support you and do life with you, please come join the family. 

1139 S 12th St 
Bismarck, ND 58504
701-955-5786- Samantha 
701-840-1506- Clay 

Centre, Inc. is a private non-profit agency that provides rehabilitative services to individuals to achieve social re-integration. Centre has over 40 years of experience providing services to justice involved individuals in outpatient and residential settings. We understand the unique risks and needs of these individuals and the importance of collaboration that assists in making transitions and reintegration successful.


100 6th Ave SE
Mandan, ND 58554
(701) 663-8228

At CCCHC, we work together as partners to enhance the lives of area residents by providing a neighborhood of patient centered healthcare services that promote wellness, prevention, and care coordination. 

Dana, FTR Care Coordinator, provides services assisting the primary care team through integrated care coordination of those with behavioral and/or substance use concerns. This includes assessments, referrals, advocacy, and crisis intervention. Other services include referral management, substance abuse services, and treatment planning. Dana is licensed in addiction counseling and social work. 

Services provided in Oliver, Mercer and Dunn Counties

1312 Highway 49 North 
Beulah, ND

Community Options is a reputable statewide agency that provides person-centered care coordination services to support you as you pursue your ambitions and strive for independence. Our meetings take place at the location of your choice, and our support plans are based on your preferences. We understand the many challenges of life after incarceration. Our focus is to help support you through goal-setting, referrals to community resources, and assistance from several other internal programs/services. We have highly trained, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff that will provide you with stability and the best chances for a successful future that you can be proud of!

Services available:

  • Finding adequate housing and accessing housing assistance programs
  • Finding employment, resume development, interview skills, and job coaching
  • Assisting with transportation
  • Assisting with mental health and substance use challenges
  • Assisting with completion of paperwork for assistance programs
  • Providing financial assistance through the State Gap Funding process
    (Up to $100 per year in each approved expense category)
  • Connecting you to peer supports with lived experience for additional support

309 Washington Ave. Suite 402
Williston, ND 58803

300 3rd Ave. SW Suite D
Minot, ND 58702

425 South College Dr. Suite 8
Devil’s Lake, ND 58301

1405 Library Circle
Grand Forks ND 58201

2701 9th Ave S. Suite E
Fargo, ND 58103

420 20th St SW
Jamestown, ND 58401

4909 Shelburne St
Bismarck, ND 58503

193 24th St. E Suite 103
Dickinson, ND 58601

We don’t stop offering grace, helping people, and creating change. We’re criminal justice reform warriors  who offer grace without question & create change for those who hustle.

The formerly incarcerated and those suffering with addiction have limited resources available to them. They struggle to obtain even the simplest things due to an unfair stigma. People recently released from prison or recovery facilities don’t have a place to live or a means to communicate with people who can lift them up. They don’t have a job and often times find employment difficult if they don’t have a driver’s license or a reliable means of transportation. Felons and addicts don’t serve their sentence and “serve their time.” Their entire life is affected. People call it a ‘permanent record’ for a reason.

F5 Project cuts the red tape & eliminate barriers. We are the hands and feet on the street offering housing, resources, and a customized support plan for those who need us. Together we can make a difference! We offer help and connection through the entire state of North Dakota and in Moorhead, MN.

120 N. 3rd St, Suite 210
Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone: (701) 412.6866

We help addiction sufferers and their loved ones get well and stay well through peer addiction management support and care coordination. When clients step through our doors, we want them to know that they’re in the right place. We assist individuals in the community connect to resources and services in the community, including housing, employment support, treatment options, and other needs to assist individuals to stay on track. Our staff are highly trained peers who have walked in your shoes. They provide practical, goal-oriented support and guide addiction sufferers and their loved ones through the wellness process. We’re independent and non-judgmental and will support any path to getting well. We also connect families to resources and services in the community. We serve clients at any stage of recovery. Our care coordinators and coaches will help you find your way to wellness. Face It has care coordinators and peer supports in Bismarck, Fargo, and Grand Forks.
3900 Alabama St. #305, Bismarck, ND 58503
(303) 513-9111

The mission of Maza is to Inspire, Heal, Support and awaken the potential of each other through partnership for a better future. Maza will walk beside individuals and families during their healing process by providing support to their individual needs 

Maza means "Iron" in the Lakota Language - we are all "Iron Strong '' with the support of others.

Our services:
Care Coordination Services
Peer Support Services
Housing Support
Recovery Support
Employment Support
Educational Services
Transportation. Services
Cultural and spiritual Support

Leigh Tasso

Ministry on the Margins is a volunteer-based ecumenical ministry committed to supporting those who fall through the cracks during times of transition; especially the transition from prison to society. It offers a food pantry, clothing pantry, Prison2Society support group and Families of the Incarcerated support group.

MOTM also hosts Celebrate Recovery and is involved in ministry within the NDState Penitentiary and Dakota Womens Correctional and Rehabilitation Center.

201 N 24th St
Bismarck, ND 58501
(701) 426-8747

Missio is a local church that loves people and does our best to meet needs in our city. We provide care coordination and peer support for those that need help. Along with this support, we will also provide spiritual guidance for anyone who desires it. We are here to help you meet your recovery goals and to walk with you on a journey of health and healing. 

112 South 12th Street
Bismarck, ND 58501
(918) 521-2647

The Native Community Development Inc., doing business as Native, Inc., is a community development corporation designed to serve Native American and underserved communities in urban areas in North Dakota.

Native, Inc. is an access and assessment site in the Bismarck and Fargo regions to prevent homelessness. 

Community Development is “citizen participation in community organizations and has been viewed as a major method for improving the quality of the physical environment, enhancing services, preventing crime, and improving social conditions for healthy development of a population.” 

Our mission is to create safe and inclusive communities within urban areas across North Dakota through affordable housing, culture, education and workforce and economic services.

Our Programs Include:

  • Free through Recovery Program (Bismarck/Fargo)
  • Community Connect Program (Bismarck/Fargo)
  • Talking Circles (Bismarck/Fargo)
  • Housing Programs (Bismarck/Fargo) includes: Rental Assistance, ND Rent Help Application Counselor and Utility Assistance
  • Parenting Programs (Bismarck)
  • Cultural Programs (Bismarck) includes classes: Beading, Ribbon skirt making, regalia making, Indian dancing, arts and crafts, tipi setup, tanning hides, jerky making class, and storytelling).
  • Great Plains Indians Youth Center (Bismarck)
    • Juvenile Justice Delinquency Program - Positive Action Program - An evidence-based program for Native American youth and families
    • Youth Life Skills Development
    • Youth Drum Classes
    • Youth Indian Dance Classes
    • Youth Social Night
  • Trauma Informed Group Therapy for youth and families (Bismarck)
  • ND Indian Youth Leadership Program (Statewide)
  • Native Arts Professional Development Train the Trainer Project (held February 2022) (Statewide)
  • Career Programs include: Internships & Entrepreneurships (Bismarck)
  • Community Service Program (Bismarck/Fargo)
  • Volunteer Program (Bismarck/Fargo)

Our Events Include:

  • Day Pow-wows
  • Community Gatherings
  • Cultural Events
  • First Nations Day
  • Holiday Events
  • Bismarck Metro Community Resource Fair

Bismarck Headquarters
2403 East Thayer Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501

  • For general inquiries, Tel: (701) 595-5181, dial 1 or Email
  • To inquire or register into Community Connect or Free through Recovery  

Leigh Tasso Tel: (701) 557-7316 or Email:

  • For administrative inquiries, Lorraine Davis Tel: (701) 557-7313

Fargo-Moorhead Office
Care Coordinator, Lenore King
Tel: (701) 936-3258

The Fargo Engagement Center
222 4th Street North
Fargo, ND 58102

Northland Health Centers (NHC) is a comprehensive primary care clinic, including medical, behavioral health, and dental services. Our mission is to deliver patient-centered, accessible, quality-driven, care to all generations of North Dakotans, regardless of the ability to pay. NHC serves 8 communities in North Dakota: Bismarck, Bowbells, McClusky, Minot, Ray, Rolette, St. John, and Turtle Lake. Common services that we provide are Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), care of acute and chronic health problems, preventative and wellness care for all ages, dental, sick visits, mental health, DOT-certified physicals, laboratory services, EKG’s, care coordination, case management, Marketplace enrollment, connection to social services, and more! Northland Health Centers is excited to also now be a Free Through Recovery and Community Connect provider in both Minot and Bismarck! Come see us today!

Northland Health Centers – Bismarck
914 S 12th Street, Suite 101
Bismarck, ND  58504
(701) 255-4242

Ridge Treatment and Reentry Center specializes in dual diagnosis mental health and addiction services. We offer care coordination and peer support services that can help with various needs such as housing, employment, and mental health/recovery resources for adult clients. We offer a full range of psychiatric services, medication management, telehealth, domestic violence courses, DUI seminar, and mental health counseling services.

120 N 3rd St Suite 210 Bismarck, ND 58501

Seeds of Eden is a non-profit 501c3 corporation which provides care coordination services, peer support experience, leadership training, life-coaching, and recovery housing. We also advocate for Bible-based recovery discipleship for those seeking a faith-based approach. We are united against the risks associated with homelessness, the nationwide hunger crisis, mental health challenges, and substance abuse. Seeds of Eden founder Brian Cassiday, minister and peer support specialist, has a passion for “sowing, building, and reviving” this wonderful state of North Dakota, especially in rural areas and on tribal lands.

306 2nd ST NW
Mandan, ND 58554
Cell: 701-415-6233
Fax: 833-525-1930

Supportive Outreach Services, LLC is an entity based in Bismarck, North Dakota that is here to help those needing a lifeline to resources within the community. We offer care coordination and peer support services to help guide our participants to valuable resources within the communities they choose to live in. Services provided include advocacy, education, employment, housing, recovery, medical care, behavioral health, social opportunities, and spiritual enrichment. We use a client-centered approach to working with our participants, putting respect and dignity first. Our staff uses creative thinking to work on needs for our participants. Needs that SOS staff cannot directly support the participant with, SOS has established relationships with other organizations, agencies, and clinical establishments within the community to refer participants to.

3333 E Broadway Ave, Suite 1214
Bismarck, ND 58501

We are firmly grounded in the recovery community and will walk with you to establish emotional and peer focused strategies for lasting behavior change.   We will help you develop a personal plan to move your goals toward purposeful action while acknowledging, identifying and breaking down barriers that are holding you back.  Our sincere desire is to improve your relationships with friends, work and family and to offer guidance and support after a challenge or a setback.  

Bismarck, ND

The Warriors Reentry Drug Program is a support program for Native American individuals who are struggling from Methamphetamine/Heroin and Opioid drugs in the community. The Reentry Program provides assistance to Native Americans who are incarcerated; on probation or parole; or, in treatment or aftercare for addiction recovery.  We help our clients by referrals for treatment, housing, and employment, helping them to restore their lives. 

521 E Main St, Civic Square Ste. 350
Bismarck ND 58501
(701) 421-5310


For questions, please email