The Refugee Services Mission

The Office of Refugee Services strives to develop community collaborations that strengthen and guide newcomers as they become welcomed neighbors and valued contributors to the economy.

We ensure access to a wide array of resources by coordinating community-based refugee support services. This model offers co-located services, local case managers and career navigation. 


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Co-Located Services

Offered at Adult Learning Centers (ALCs) improve access by being the one-stop-shop for many community-based services. The ALCs are the place where refugees and newcomers begin to build relationships and develop the skills needed to thrive. In addition to the traditional ALC staff, Community Connectors and Career Navigators are co-located at the ALCs to minimize transportation barriers.

Local Case Managers

Provide in-person (Community Connector) services through regional nonprofits. They work with newcomers and refugees to set goals, make connections and achieve success. The state has selected the following regional providers to be Community Connectors:

Fargo: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services
Bismarck: Global Neighbors
Grand Forks: Global Friends Coalition 

Career Navigation

Leverages Job Service ND's expertise and employment programs to help newcomers and refugees complete skill assessments, access training and secure the best fitted local job opportunity. Career Navigators support clients to secure their first job and propel them towards continued career advancement.

Explore ND Resources for Newcomers! 

The Refugee Welcome Collective developed a resource map to help sponsors and refugees locate important services in Bismarck, Fargo, and Grand Forks. In 2023, approximately half of the refugees arriving in North Dakota came through a private sponsorship program. This means that a North Dakotan individual, or small group, directly supported refugees to find safe and legal migration pathways to rebuild their lives and contribute to new communities.