American Rescue Plan Act Funds for Home & Community-Based Services (ARPA HCBS) Funds


Funding Opportunities

North Dakota’s Health and Human Services agency (HHS) is offering Agency Development Grants to support the growth and development of businesses that can deliver high quality in-home and community-based services to qualified North Dakotans to help them live at home and in the community with supportive services if they choose.

Agencies can apply for multiple grants, based on their expansion plans.

HHS is offering four grant opportunities, to align with four unique HCBS funding sources.

  • 1915(i) State Plan Amendment - Application Form
  • HCBS 1915(c) Waiver (QSP) - Application Form
    • Medicaid State Plan - personal care (MSP-PC)
    • Service Payments to the Elderly and Disabled (SPED)
    • Expanded-Service Payments to the Elderly and Disabled (EX-SPED)
  • Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities 1915(c) Waiver (DD) - Application Form
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder 1915(c) Waiver (ASD) - Application Form


DUE DATE(S) for Applications

Type Due Date Email Application Submission
1915i Oct. 17, 2022
ASD Oct. 17, 2022
DD Oct. 17, 2022
QSP Oct. 17, 2022



How to Apply

  • Entities can apply for these funds by submitting the ND HCBS Agency Development Grant Application (see above) and budget template that outlines:
    • the services they intend to provide,
    • the counties they intend to serve, and
    • a project budget. 
  • Submit all items listed in the Application(s) by the deadlines above to the correlating email address. 
  • The budget should outline how the entity will utilize the funds to create and operate or expand as an HCBS Agency.  
  • IMPORTANT: Late submissions will not be accepted.

Additional Resources


Through ARPA Section 9817, and in conjunction with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), North Dakota’s Health and Human Services agency was approved to dispense $31.6 million through grants and pilot programs. The purpose of the grants/pilot programs is to enhance, expand and strengthen in-home and community-based services (HCBS) in North Dakota to help people live independently.