Current initiative underway - Workforce Training Assessment Project

The purpose of this project is to identify and establish innovative workforce training strategies to meet provider needs and improve the quality of life for North Dakotans. HHS held a virtual kickoff meeting on Oct. 4, 2023 to share information about the project and to gather feedback from stakeholders. 

Through American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Section 9817, and in conjunction with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), North Dakota’s Health and Human Services agency was approved to dispense about $31.7 million through grants and pilot programs through a spending plan submitted to CMS in June of 2021.  

Section 9817 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) (Pub. L. 117-2) provides qualifying states with a temporary 10 percentage point increase to the federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP) for certain Medicaid expenditures for home and community-based services (HCBS) provided between April 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022.  

States are in a unique position to accelerate the expansion of home and community-based services (HCBS) by making investments that increase access and support both transitions and diversions from institutional settings. The array of HCBS strategies and approaches will serve older adults, children and adults with physical disabilities, and children and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, to include autism spectrum disorder and brain injury.  

The initiatives funded through the spending plan approved by CMS aim to improve the HCBS system in North Dakota attempting to make it more financially sustainable, more readily accessible in both under-served and high need geographies and committed to continuous quality improvement. 


Timeline of the initiatives

CMS Reporting 

CMS requires quarterly fiscal reporting and bi-annual narrative reporting on initiatives and activities. The HCBS spending plan should estimate, by quarter and in total, the amount of funds attributable to the increase in FMAP that the state has claimed and/or anticipates claiming between April 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022, as well as anticipated and/or actual expenditures for the state’s activities to implement, to enhance, expand, or strengthen HCBS under the state Medicaid program between April 1, 2021, and until the state funds equivalent to the funds attributable to the increased FMAP are fully expended.  

To qualify for the FMAP increase, states must submit HCBS spending plans and narratives to CMS on the activities the state has implemented and/or intends to implement to enhance, expand, or strengthen HCBS under the Medicaid program. The HCBS spending narrative is intended to provide information and updates on the state’s required ARP section 9817 activities, the connection between the spending plan and the scope of the activities, and how the state intends to sustain these activities.  

North Dakota’s Spending Plan 


Current Funding Opportunities

None at this time

Previous Funding Opportunities

North Dakota’s Health and Human Services agency (HHS) offered Agency Development Grants to support the growth and development of businesses that can deliver high quality in-home and community-based services to qualified North Dakotans to help them live at home and in the community with supportive services if they choose.  

DHHS awarded grants through an application evaluation process in amounts up to $50,000 to assist agencies with their enrollment and/or successful operation as a Medicaid-reimbursable HCBS Agency in North Dakota. Thirty providers accepted community grant awards. 

Agencies could apply for multiple grants, based on their expansion plans. (Deadline was October 2022). Four of the thirty awarded providers are engaged with multiple grants. 

Examples of the ways these funds can be utilized by providers who have been awarded: 

  • Training and professional development 
  • Staff recruitment or retention costs, including background checks 
  • Operating costs (for up to 3 months) 
  • Outreach and marketing activities 
  • Promotional materials related to the new or expanded services 
  • Technology costs to support the work of the new or expanding agency 
  • Furniture and equipment costs, or simple building renovations needed to establish a new HCBS agency or expand services in an existing agency 
  • Consulting services to help the agency assess and improve business operations (billing, staffing, operations) 
  • Other allowable items if approved by the State, funds may not be used for room and board 

Providers who have received notification of award

Accordion Section Title
Medicaid 1915(i) Providers
Provider Name Funded Provider Type Provider Multiple Awards
Agape Community Support Services 1915(i) X
Better Together ND 1915(i)  
L & M Coordination Services 1915(i)  
Lake Region Community Shelter 1915(i)  
Lotus Center 1915(i)  
Minot Area Recovery Community Organization 1915(i)  
NIAM Brain Injury 1915(i)  
Project Bee 1915(i)  
Recovery Works 1915(i)  
SENDCAA 1915(i)  
Sunny Side Day Center LLC 1915(i) X
Vocational Training Center 1915(i)  
Accordion Section Title
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Providers
Provider Name Funded Provider Type Provider Multiple Awards
Community Uplift ASD  
Northern Lights Child Development INC ASD  
Poppy’s Promise ASD X
Sunny Side Day Center LLC ASD X
Accordion Section Title
Developmental Disability (DD) Providers
Provider Name Funded Provider Type Provider Multiple Awards
Encompass Family Support Services DD  
Grand Forks Growth & Support Center DD  
HHC Services MN, Inc. dba Griswold Home Care DD X
Opportunity Foundation, Inc. DD  
Poppy’s Promise DD X
Providence Home Care, LLC DD  
Karen Semmens dba Red River Stepping Stones DD  
Accordion Section Title
Qualified Service Providers (QSP)
Provider Name Funded Provider Type Provider Multiple Awards
Adetope Alabi dba Integrity Support Services QSP  
Agape Community Support Services QSP X
All Embracing Home Care, LLC QSP  
Blessing George dba Blessed Homes Jamestown ND, LLC QSP  
Blossom Services Group, LLC QSP  
Caring Hands Homecare QSP  
Charlotte Lee dba Charle’s Angels of Caring QSP  
Dakota Home Care, Inc. QSP  
Emmons County - South Country Human Service Zone QSP  
Grace Homecare, LLC QSP  
Helping Hands Care, LLC  QSP  
HHC Services MN, Inc. dba Griswold Home Care QSP X
Lake Region Corporation QSP  
Lasting Love Homecare  QSP  
Laxmi Kharel dba Blessed Home Care QSP  
Prairie Home and Health QSP  
Prudent Homecare  QSP  
Sando’s Care Corporation dba Home Instead QSP  
Simple. Optimized, Solutions. dba Home Helpers QSP  
Tehtee Paye dba Emerald Cares QSP  

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