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No, you will bill using your NPI and taxonomy. Only those providers who do not enroll with an NPI will bill using their new 7-digit Medicaid provider number. Those providers are travel/lodging providers, Developmental Disability (DD) waivered service providers and Qualified Service Providers (QSP).

Yes, the same requirements apply for a rendering, attending or servicing provider to submit using their NPI and taxonomy.

It is defined by provider type and provider specialty. It is not uniquely assigned to an individual.

No, continue to use your current Medicaid provider number until we launch ND Health Enterprise.

No, DD providers will not submit taxonomy when billing for waivered services. Taxonomy will be required when billing for ICF/IID services.

The taxonomy for a rendering provider should be listed in Box 24J.

You will need to submit taxonomy for both the provider and the facility as supported by the claim form.

No, but we will issue you a new 7-digit Medicaid provider number to further identify you as a provider and as another form of validation.

You will use the taxonomy of the billing provider, which is the hospice agency.

An affiliation form is used when rendering provider needs to be affiliated with a billing provider. A rendering provider does not need to reenroll if they are already enrolled with ND Medicaid. However, Provider Enrollment needs to validate each affiliation.

Third party billers are not assigned taxonomy. They are not an enrolled provider with ND Medicaid. Only email inquiries will be accepted from the third-party biller. Email inquiries will be answered in the order they are received. The third-party biller will receive an email response within 7-10 business days.

Yes, you will have to register as a trading partner for ND Health Enterprise. You will also have to complete SFN 109 or SFN 111 in order to receive an 835 electronic remittance advice.

Yes, you should keep your information current. Please call the EDI hotline at 1 (844) 484-0844 to update your information.

The email address for inquiries is Please note that to utilize the email address, third-party billers will need to enroll to join the North Dakota Health Information Network (NDHIN). The NDHIN is a secure, online network.

Entities can sign up by visiting:


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