Rural communities often face the greatest challenge in recruiting and retaining healthcare workforce. The North Dakota Primary Care Office (ND PCO) is here to:

  • assist facilities in strengthening their recruitment and retention efforts
  • support recruitment efforts through job postings, candidate referrals, and promotion of the community, facility, and position through recruitment events
  • to help educate your recruitment team on a targeted approach to fill your workforce needs

Primary Care-3RNET is the nation’s most trusted resource for health professionals seeking careers in rural and underserved communities. works through its 54 Network Coordinators to create a “hub” for jobs in rural and underserved areas across the country.

In North Dakota, is free to use for rural, urban underserved, mental health, and VA facilities.  In addition to job posting abilities, also offers an annual webinar series to educate you and your team members on rural recruitment and retention practices, as well as recruitment and retention resources (Factors to Market Your Community Health Center, Factors to Market Your Rural Community, Factors to Market Your Rural Health Clinic) that can be accessed year-round through the Network Coordinator.

In North Dakota, the Center for Rural Health is the Network Coordinator.  To learn more about how can be a part of your organization’s recruitment and retention strategy, please reach out to Stacy Kusler, Workforce Specialist with the UND Center for Rural Health.  

To register as an employer, and to get started using today, click here: