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On Aug. 17, 2020, North Dakota became the seventh state in the country to receive approval of its Family First Prevention Services Act Title IV-E Prevention Services Plan ND from the federal Children's Bureau. The plan gives our state access to federal Title IV-E funding for approved evidence-based prevention services proven to strengthen and stabilize children and families so children can stay in their family home safely. Services include both mental/behavioral health and substance abuse treatment and recovery support services as well as in-home parent skill-based programs. Learn more.

Training Grant Funds Available

North Dakota is inviting agencies and individual providers to apply for the Title IV-E Prevention Services Grant funding so more organizations and professionals can deliver approved evidence-based services as identified in the state's Title IV-E Prevention Services Plan to qualifying North Dakota children and families.

Approved Services (Eligible for Title IV-E reimbursement in N.D.)

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Eligibility must be determined for a child based on specific criteria that has been established by the federal government and will be verified by the N.D. Department of Human Services. Once a child’s eligibility is approved the child and parent/caregiver can receive access to approved Title IV-E prevention services. 

The child must:

  • Reside in North Dakota
  • Be born (postnatal) 
  • Be age 17 or under
  • Be in the home of a parent/caregiver
  • Be at risk of out-of-home placement
  • Not be in an open foster care program or under the custody of a public agency (Human service zone, Division of Juvenile Services, or Tribal Social Services); with the EXCEPTION of a pregnant or parenting youth.

The individual eligibility application allows for parents/caregivers, public and private agencies, treatment providers, tribal social services, juvenile court, and others to complete and submit an application on behalf of the child.

Community and private agencies/providers can apply to become an approved Title IV-E prevention services provider. 

  • Providers MUST identify what approved service(s) they will offer, submit documentation verifying required training/certification and a plan outlining their fidelity review process for such service(s) to NDDHS.
  • Providers MUST also agree to and sign a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the requirements set forth by NDDHS and Families First Prevention Services Act.
  • NDDHS will review application.  If approved, providers will be able to receive reimbursement for Title IV-E approved prevention services delivered to an eligible child and their parents/caregivers.


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If you need more information about individual applications, finding approved providers, enrolling as an approved provider, or have other questions, please email titleiveprevention@nd.gov. Thank you.

    • Healthy Families
    • Parents as Teachers
    • Nurse-Family Partnership
    • Homebuilders
    • Brief Strategic Family Therapy
    • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
    • Multisystemic Therapy
    • Functional Family Therapy
    • New - The Family Check-Up
      • The Family Check-Up is a brief, strengths-based intervention for families with children ages 2 through 17. The intervention aims to promote positive family management and addresses child and adolescent adjustment problems.  The Family Check-Up® has two phases: 1.) An initial assessment and feedback and 2.) Parent management training.
      • Phase one includes three main components: (1) an initial interview that involves rapport building and motivational interviewing to explore parental strengths and challenges related to parenting and the family context; (2) an ecological family assessment that includes parent and child questionnaires, a teacher questionnaire for children that are in school, and a videotaped observation of family interactions; and (3) tailored feedback that involves reviewing assessment results and discussing follow-up service options for the family. Follow up services will include Everyday Parenting and may include clinical or other support services in the community.
      • Phase two is parent management training. North Dakota will require Everyday Parenting as its designated parent management training. Everyday Parenting is a skills-based curriculum designed to support development of positive parenting skills. The curriculum is modular, and sessions can be tailored to the family's specific needs and readiness based on the FCU assessment.
      • The Family Check-Up can be delivered in a variety of settings, including in the home, schools, community mental health settings, health centers, hospitals, primary care, and Native American tribal communities.

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