Many of North Dakota's foster children are waiting to be part of a family. Thank you for visiting the North Dakota website and taking the opportunity to learn about some of the children. To make your visit a helpful one, please continue reading.

Some of the North Dakota's children have special educational, emotional or medical needs; this information is confidential and does not appear in the children's descriptions. More detailed information about the children can be shared with adoptive parents as they are completing the adoption preparation process.

If You Are Just Beginning Your Adoption Journey:

  • Browse through the children featured, or
  • Search so that you can learn about the children who are waiting for families
  • Visit the Adoption Program page to learn about adoption in North Dakota
  • Email to receive more information from a Social Worker
  • Please visit AdoptUSKids to obtain a list of adoption agencies in states other than North Dakota

If You Have a Completed Adoption Homestudy and/or Are Licensed:

  • Meet North Dakota's Waiting Children
  • Write down the name and identifying number of the child(ren) about whom you would like more information
  • Contacting North Dakota by phone at (800) 472-2622, or emailing, will provide you with the name, agency, and phone number of the child's worker
  • Visit the ND Heart Gallery