If I am not a U.S citizen, can I enroll in WIC? 

Yes, you can enroll in WIC, regardless of your citizenship status. WIC does not require proof of citizenship or alien status, and participation in WIC will not affect your immigration or naturalization status.

If I am working, can I still qualify for WIC?

Yes, many working families qualify for WIC. Because WIC is a health program, its income guidelines are more generous than other programs.

If I live with my boyfriend, does that disqualify me from WIC?

WIC looks at your household income to see if you are eligible. If you are living with someone, WIC needs to include their income when determining your eligibility. If you have questions, call your local WIC office.

How many paychecks do I need to bring for proof of my income when enrolling in WIC? 

The number of paychecks needed for proof of income depends on things like whether your income has changed recently or if you earn a regular amount each pay period. The best thing to do is ask the WIC staff when you make your appointment.

Does child support count as income when it comes to WIC?

Yes, child support counts as income for the household receiving the support, but it is not deducted from the household making the payment.

Does participation in WIC affect my income taxes?

No, WIC participation does not affect your taxes.

How do I use my eWIC card?

At your appointment, the WIC staff will explain how to use your eWIC card at your local grocery store. They will also provide you with a list of the foods that you can buy. WIC also trains the store staff, so if you have questions, they can help you too. Visit our eWIC For WIC Families page to learn more.

How long can I stay on WIC?

If you meet the income requirements:

  • Babies and children can stay on WIC until they turn 5.
  • Women can remain on WIC through their pregnancy and then can enroll again after their baby is born.
  • Women who are breastfeeding can stay on WIC until their baby’s first birthday.
  • Women who are formula feeding their baby can stay on WIC until their baby is 6 months old.
Can fathers enroll in WIC?

Dads of babies and children younger than 5 can enroll their children in the WIC program. Just like any other parent or guardian, dads can bring their children to appointments, attend nutrition classes and get benefits for their children.

What if I have other questions about WIC?

If you have more questions about WIC, contact a WIC office near you. You can go to any WIC clinic in North Dakota that works for you.