Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBST) is designed to educate owners, managers, servers and sellers at alcohol establishments about strategies to avoid illegally selling alcohol to underage youth and intoxicated customers.

In North Dakota, current state law does not require RBS training, however, several communities have local ordinances mandating this type of training.

What is this strategy?

Responsible Beverage Service Training programs give owners, managers, and staff of establishments that serve alcohol knowledge and skills to help them serve alcohol responsibly and fulfill the legal requirements of alcohol service. Training programs for managers and owners most often provide guidance on the implementation of service policies and practices. Training programs for servers may address checking IDs, serving practices that reduce the likelihood of excessive consumption, identifying and responding to early signs of excessive consumption (for example, rapid consumption), identifying intoxicated patrons and refusing service to them, and intervening to prevent intoxicated patrons from driving (Guide To Community Preventive Services, 2010).

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Responsible Beverage Service Training)

Responsible Beverage Service Training Overview (Town Hall Meetings)

Why Server Training?

Has this strategy been proven to be effective?

Grand Forks Compliance Rates from 2000-2013 as a Result of Mandatory Server Training 

Project ARM: Alcohol Risk Management to Prevent Sales to Underage and Intoxicated Persons

When should I consider implementing this strategy?

  • Youth are purchasing alcohol from retail outlets or at special events.
  • Retail staff are not carding.
  • There is a lack of trained serving staff.

How do I implement this strategy?

Key Activities for Implementation:

  • Survey retailers to see which are providing staff with training.
  • Train trainers to host/teach class.
  • Work with retailers, council, commission, etc. to gain support for RBS Training.
  • Provide regular RBS Trainings.

Server Training Levels of Implementation

Responsible Beverage Service Training Implementation Toolkit (FACE)

RBS Toolkit and Best Practices

California’s RBS Best Practices

Have others implemented this strategy?

North Dakota Communities: