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Testing services support the investigation of disease outbreaks and provide direction for disease prevention and control activities. The laboratory serves in a reference capacity for local health units, private and community healthcare facilities and veterinary laboratories. Testing methods address specific public health issues such as emerging infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance and bioterrorism preparedness. Timely sample testing aids in the prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases and many other diseases.

Environmental hazard mitigation is accomplished through monitoring water and dairy products for compliance through mosquito surveillance activities and through the support of investigational responses to natural or man-made disasters. In addition, outreach programs provide training in safety and laboratory testing methods and promote cooperative sharing with other agencies, both public and private.

HHS Vision

North Dakota is the healthiest state in the nation. 

To achieve our vision, North Dakota Health & Human Services is committed to improving the health status of the people of ND, improving access to and delivery of quality health care, preserving and improving the quality of the environment, promoting a state of emergency readiness and response, and achieving strategic outcomes within available resources.

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Taking a water sample for testing

Water Testing

Find details on private well water testing, legionella water testing and water sampling schedules.

2024 Water Sampling Schedule
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Non human testing in laboratory

Nonhuman Testing

Information on rabies virus animal testing, the mosquito surveillance program and the tick surveillance program.

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Get biothreat information like identification flowcharts, bioterrorism agent testing and other resources.

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After hours, holidays and weekends, contact State Radio at: (800) 472.2121 or (701) 319.8569 for emergencies only.

CLIA Laboratory Director
Laurie Linz, MD

Section Director
Christie Massen Ph.D., M.S., MLS
(701) 328-6288

Director of Quality Management
Heather Sease
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Director of Special Microbiology
Kristie Schwarzkopf
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Director of General Microbiology
Lisa Well
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Director of Biothreat
Stacey Alexander
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Steve Flemmer
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