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Research holding container of water to be testedPrivate Well Water Testing

Private Well Water Collection Form

Foster Care Water Collection Form

Collection Guidelines:

  • Private well water testing is for human consumption testing only.  This test will provide a qualitative (satisfactory or unsatisfactory) result.
  • Collect and ship the sample to ensure arrival at the laboratory within 30 hours of collection (Express or the next day). Samples that exceed holding time are not tested.
  • Mail samples on a Monday-Wednesday (excluding state and federal holidays). Samples are not accepted on Fridays. See Water Sampling Schedule.
  • Enclose payment of $25.00. Testing will not be performed without payment. Please use exact change or write a check.
  • Use the enclosed mailing label and add proper postage.
  • The report will be sent out by mail/email.
  • To request a private well water collection kit for bacterial analysis please call (701) 328-6272 or email us at

Legionella Water Testing

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued a policy memorandum on June 02, 2017, requiring healthcare facilities to implement a water management program. Please refer to the following resource for more information Federal Requirement to Reduce Legionella Risk CDC.


City water towerPublic Water Systems and Laboratory Certification

For questions about site plan changes, address changes, repeat sampling or other regulatory requirements call Municipal Facilities at (701) 328-5211 or visit their website

Water Sampling Schedules

View the 2023 Water Sampling Schedule