Planning and Establishment Grant

North Dakota’s original applicant and recipient of this federal grant were the North Dakota Insurance Department (NDID). After North Dakota decided to use the federal Health Insurance Exchange (, the NDID had no plans for the remaining planning grant funds since their activities had centered on planning work related to the establishment of a state-based exchange.

The North Dakota Department of Human Services (NDDHS) received legislative approval to modernize its eligibility determination systems to be compliant with Affordable Care Act requirements.

NDDHS agreed to pursue the potential repurposing of the remaining grant funds ($768,022).

The federal government awarded the remaining planning grant funds to NDDHS in December 2012 to be used for system integration analysis and change management (including conducting an assessment, developing training and outreach and education plans, and conducting stakeholder training).

NDDHS hired a consultant (HTMS) to help assess the impact of changes related to the Medicaid expansion, Affordable Care Act requirements, and the launch of the federal health insurance marketplace.

HTMS met with stakeholders including representatives of the Tribes, government agencies, advocacy organizations, non-profits, service providers, and people who may qualify for the expansion who receive services from regional human service centers, and others.

The Assessment was used by HTMS to create these deliverables:


Apply for Medicaid Expansion


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