The ND Health Equity Committee is a statewide leadership committee to address health inequities that include social, economic, and environmental disparities. Members are dedicated to increasing access to quality health care concerning affordability, availability, accessibility, accommodation and acceptability.

The committee will promote cultural strengthening and safety while implementing strategies founded on collaboration, data, advocacy, policy and resource alignment for all North Dakotans. Members will serve to educate, inform and advise North Dakota Health and Human Services, ensuring that social determinants of health and matters related to health equity are adequately addressed.

Health Equity Committee Members

Health Equity Committee Members

Alicia Belay, PhD, MPH
HHS Community Engagement Assistant Director
Public Health Specialist

Brenda Finn
Tribal Projects Lead, Medical/Medicaid DHHS

Chandler Esslinger
Community Health Specialist, Essentia Health

Gordana Cokrlic
Ryan White Program Coordinator

Grace N. Njau
Special Projects & Health Analytics Director

Jorden Laducer
Community Engagement Training Coordinator

Karen K. Ehrens, R.D., L.R.D.
Coordinator, Creating a Hunger Free North Dakota Coalition

Kodi Pinks, MPH
Director, Non-Infectious Disease Surveillance & Data Management

Krissie Guerard, MS
HHS Community Engagement Director, MCH Grant Coordinator

Melanie Nadeau, PhD, MPH
Assistant Director/Assistant Professor, Public Health Program
University of North Dakota

Ramona Danielson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health
North Dakota State University

Ryan Eagle, AIPHRC
Public Health Research Project Manager

Shannon Bacon
Health Equity Manager, Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas

Tracy K. Miller, PhD, MPH
State Epidemiologist

Vanessa Tibbitts
Program Leader, American Indian Public Health Resource Center