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Enrolling as a Qualified Service Provider

Qualified Service Providers or QSPs are individuals or agencies that provide services to clients who receive services funded by North Dakota Health and Human Services.

People who qualify for home and community-based services can choose among available qualified service providers that offer competitively priced services.

QSPs are independent contractors that have met certain competency standards required to provide services to eligible clients.

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Enrollment Assistance and Resources

Do you need help understanding or completing the enrollment forms or have questions about how to enroll?

The QSP Hub provides support, educational tools, and training opportunities to walk QSPs and QSP agencies through all stages of the QSP process.

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Posted 10-17-2023

Claims guidance for when members lose and regain Medicaid eligibility 
On April 1, 2023, North Dakota began verifying coverage for regular Medicaid individuals whose coverage was temporarily extended due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Some Medicaid members may lose coverage if they do not return information that is needed to process their renewal.

If members lose and then regain eligibility, QSPs will have 180 days from the date the member’s eligibility was updated to resubmit claims that were previously denied because of no member eligibility.

QSPs can verify member eligibility by:

  1. Logging into ND Health Enterprise MMIS Click on the Member tab, then select “Check Eligibility."
  2. Using the Automated Voice Response System (AVRS); Call (877) 328-7098, Option 1.
  3. Calling the Provider Relations Call Center at (701) 328-7098 or (877) 328-7098.

Posted 6-21-2023

As a QSP you are required to revalidate (renew) your enrollment every five years instead of every two years!

Why revalidate?

Revalidations must be done to maintain QSP enrollment. If you do not revalidate your QSP enrollment, it may result in automatic closure of your QSP enrollment. Payments will be stopped if ND Medicaid does not get your completed revalidation packet by the due date.

How will I know if I need to revalidate?

A notice of revalidation will be sent to you before your QSP enrollment expires. Agency revalidation will be sent by email. All other revalidation information will be sent by mail. It is your responsibility to ensure all forms are correct and returned in a timely manner for processing. 

How do I revalidate?

Revalidations require much of the same paperwork you used for your initial enrollment. You must complete and submit a new forms packet and all required documentation. Some services require additional forms to complete revalidation. Make sure you are using the most current forms version!

Specific changes can be found in the Agency, Individual, Family Home Care and Family Personal Care QSPs handbooks.

Click here for QSP Q&A and other information on COVID-19.

IMPORTANT: QSP drop boxes for paper claims are located to the department's Prairie Hills Plaza building located at 1237 W. Divide Ave. - use Door #2, and the department's main office at the State Capital, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Judicial Wing - third floor, Bismarck.

NEW: North Dakota QSP Hub - North Dakota’s centralized source of support and information for qualified service providers.

  • Get one-on-one individualized support by email, phone, or video conferencing with enrollment questions, service authorizations, electronic visit verification (Therap), documentation, billing processes, renewals and MORE!

Informational packet for NEW QSPs (330kb pdf) (May 2024)

Billing Instructions



Claims Questions?

  • When will I get paid?
  • Why didn’t I get paid?
    MMIS Call Center 1-877-328-7098 (When asked for a PIN, select “0”)
  • How do I void or replace a claim?
    • Claims billed in MMIS 1-877-328-7098 (When asked for a PIN, select “0”)
    • Claims billed in Therap call 203-596-7553 or email 
  • How do I reset my password and/or unlock my account?
    • MMIS account access 1-877-328-7098 (When asked for a PIN, select “0”)
    • For Individual QSP Therap account access call 1-855-462-5465 or email. Self-password reset instructions are here
    • The QSP agency's super admin administrative role can reset/unlock user passwords. 
      If the super administrator is locked out:
      • Follow the instructions here.
      • On agency letterhead, the QSP executive director (or equivalent position) must generate and sign a letter requesting a password reset.
      • Attach a copy of the executive director’s driver’s license.
      • Send the form, letter and ID to the Therap email

QSPs / Explanation of QSP Billing Codes

Computer-Based Training


Various Links

Outreach/Educational Material

This application should not be completed unless you have already been in contact with a case manager or your client has already been approved for this service.

Family Home Care Provider (FHC) (May 2023) 

Family Personal Care Provider (June 2023)

When you enroll as a QSP, you choose the services you want to provide. All services have a number called a billing code that is used to submit a claim for payment to Health and Human Services. An explanation of billing codes includes important information about each service, how to document your time and certain requirements for each task. The information also gives you tips for how to bill.

Click here to view the billing codes.

Individual Service Provider (ISP) Training in Therap - Jan. 29, 2024
QSP Onboarding Training                                                                                                                          T1020 Attendance Billing Training (February 26, 2024)

Nurse Educator QSP Training Webinar - April 25, 2024, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Aging Services is responsible for licensing Agency Foster Homes for Adults (AFHA). The purpose of an AFHA is to provide a residential setting where four or fewer Medicaid waiver recipients live together and are receiving Residential Habilitation or Community Support services. All referrals to receive Residential Habilitation or Community Support services in an AFHA must go through the Aging & Disability Resource Link (ADRL) intake process by calling phone #855-462-5465, and then be assigned to a  HCBS case manager to determine eligibility for services in this setting.

Providers interested in developing an AFHA should contact the ADRL.  This setting can only be licensed to assist Medicaid eligible individuals. An AFHA cannot accept individuals who private pay for services.

List of providers:

Prairie Home & Health, Mohall ND                        

Prudent Home Care, Bismarck & Mandan, ND    

Lake Region Corporation, Leeds, ND                     

Blessed Homes LLC, Jamestown, ND                     

A Place to Call Home LLC, Fargo, ND                     

Ebenezer Agency Foster Home, Horace, ND        

Shepherd Homes LLC, Horace, ND                        

Blossom Services Group, West Fargo, ND            


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