ND Working Parents Child Care Relief: Parents


North Dakota's Working Parents Child Care Relief (WPCCR) pilot program matches some employer child care benefits. 

You may be eligible for a match if:

  • Your employer participates in the Working Parent Child Care Relief pilot program and offers a paid child care benefit
  • You work in the state of North Dakota
  • Your household income is not over 100% state median income
  • You are raising children who are ages birth to 36 months
  • Your children attend a licensed child care program in North Dakota
  • You have applied for the Working Parents Child Care Relief pilot program
How it Works
  • Your employer provides a monthly child care paid benefit and opts-in for a Working Parents Child Care Relief state match at the $150 or $300 level.
  • You receive a code from your employer to use when applying for Working Parents Child Care Relief
  • Gather your needed information, including the WPCCR Employer Code (See next section)
  • You apply
  • HHS determines if you qualify for a match
  • You receive an email from HHS (dhsec@nd.gov) with instructions and sign up to receive funds from the state
  • You receive your child care benefit from your employer
  • Your employer submits paid child care benefit verification to HHS
  • HHS pays you the Working Parents Child Care Relief state match
  • You pay your ND licensed child care provider
Working Parent Child Care Relief Qualifying Household Income

Family Size (Adults and Children)

Maximum Monthly Household Income

2 $6,068
3 $7,495
4 $8,924
5 $10,351
6 $11,778
7 $12,046
8 $12,314
What parents need to apply:

What you will need to gather before you apply:

  • Working Parents Child Care Relief (WPCCR) employer code
  • Legal names and birth dates of all household members
  • A copy of a government-issued ID for the primary applicant
  • A copy of monthly gross income information for all household members (the last 4 weeks)
    • Pay (pay stubs or employer statement)
    • Self-employment Income (most recent copy of Federal Income Tax form)
    • Bonuses and Commissions
    • Social Security, SSI benefits, Veteran’s benefits, Worker’s Compensation benefits, interest, dividends
    • Pension/Retirement Benefits
    • Lease and Rental Income
    • Unemployment compensation (statement of eligibility from Job Service North Dakota)
    • Child Support/Alimony (payments received)
    • Regular contributions from friends/relatives (signed statement from the individual)
  • Child Care Provider’s License Number
    • Licensed providers are required by ND administrative rule to prominently display their license in the premises to which it applies. If you don’t see this posting, ask your child care provider for their license number
Other Child Care Related Help

Finding and Choosing Child Care

Need help finding licensed child care? Visit the Early Childhood Information for Families page.

Paying for Child Care

Families can apply for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), which helps pay a portion of the cost of child care for each eligible child (birth through 13th birthday) for qualifying families. Learn more at hhs.nd.gov/applyforhelp/ccap


For hardworking parents to get this benefit, they have to apply.

Apply Now


Email: dhsec@nd.gov
Phone: 701-328-2115 press 2; 711 (TTY)