Early childhood care is a choice and investment that can influence your child's health, development and learning skills for a lifetime. Take time to learn about your options and ask plenty of questions. Use the resources below to help you make an informed decision.


Report a Concern

If you wish to report a concern regarding an early childhood program, contact the Licensing Specialist in your county, call 1-800-997-8516 or email

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Information and Resources

Brain Building

The first five years of your child’s life set the foundation for all future learning. These resources provide tips to make sure you’re providing the support needed to help children as they learn and grow. Vroom provides science-based tips and tools to inspire families to turn shared, everyday moments into Brain Building Moments®.

Early Childhood Screening

Right Track

A free developmental screening and follow-along program for you and your child, birth to three years of age.

Right Track Consultants can meet with you in the privacy of your own home and can provide: developmental screenings, ideas on supporting your child's development, and Information and referrals to local, state and national organizations.

Information Sheet: Right Track

Early Childhood Special Education (Part B-619)

Early Childhood Special Education (Part B-619) serves children, ages three to kindergarten entrance, who meet criteria established by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction as needing specially designed instruction because of developmental delays in the general areas of cognitive/pre-academic, large and fine motor skills, social and emotional behavior, communication (articulation and language), and/or adaptive behavior, or who have vision or hearing losses.

Early Intervention

Early intervention means early assistance. This program is designed to identify children at risk in the earliest stages, when the right help can make all the difference.

Early Learning Standards: Birth to Kindergarten

North Dakota’s Early Learning Standards: Birth to Kindergarten present a continuum of learning and development in the following domains: Approaches to Play and Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Language, Communication, and Literacy; Mathematics and Logical Thinking; Scientific Reasoning; Social Studies; Creative Arts; and Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development.

The Standards promote the understanding of early learning and development; provide comprehensive and a coherent set of expectations for children’s development and learning; and guide the design and implementation of curriculum, assessment, and instructional practices with young children.

Head Start and Early Head Start

Head Start and Early Head Start are child development programs, serving children from birth to age five, expectant mothers and families. The overall goal of Head Start is to increase the social ability of children in low-income families and children with disabilities and improve the chances of success in school.

North Dakota Mental Health Program Directory

If you are a parent seeking mental health services for yourself or your child, this tool is here to help.  The Mental Health Program Directory provides a single place for North Dakota citizens to search for mental health services that meet their needs.  This registry allows users to:

  • Search by location and other details
  • View program information, including program name, address, and phone number

Find a Mental Health Program Near You

Waterford UPSTART

Waterford UPSTART is a proven, at-home learning program. Prepare your child to start kindergarten with confidence. Families receive everything they need, including access to fun and interactive software, expert coaching and support, and even a computer and internet in participating regions. All at no cost.

Information Sheet: Waterford UPSTART 


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