Your Child's Medical Provider


Regular check-ups, also known as Health Tracks or Well-child checks, are the same service. These visits can be done by a medical provider of your choice or by your local Public Health Unit. Click here for a list of Public Health Units.

Member Quick Guide

When should my child get a Health Tracks/Well-child Exam?

Children should get these check-ups at regular times, even when they are feeling well.

Babies grow fast and need a lot of check-ups. These should be done at:

  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months


Toddlers need check-ups at:

  • 15 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months
  • 30 months

After 30 months, children need a check-up at ages 3, 4, 5, 6 and then yearly up to age 21. Additional check-ups are also covered based upon a child's needs.

How do I choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP) for my child?

Some children are required to have a PCP. They will provide most of your health care services to keep you well. A letter will be sent asking you to choose a PCP, you have 14 days to pick one. If you do not respond, a PCP will be picked for you. Another letter will then be sent, letting you know who has been picked as your PCP. (See below on how to change your PCP if you are not satisfied). If you need help picking a PCP, you can find a list at your local Human Service Zone offices or online at Medicaid PCP list.

Can any provider be my PCP?

No, Providers (PCPs) need to be enrolled by North Dakota Medicaid. Here is a list of providers Medicaid PCP list.

Do I have the option to change which PCP has been assigned to my child?

Yes, you can change your PCP at any time. To change your PCP, call 1.866.614.6005 or email There is no limit on when or how often your PCP can be changed.

What if I take my child to a provider other than our designated Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

If you receive health care services (other than well-child checks) without having a referral from your PCP you may have to pay. If you go to an urgent care clinic, outside of where your PCP is, you have 15 working days to get a referral from your PCP or you will have to pay.

Is a sports physical the same as a Health Tracks/Well Child Check?

No, but a sports physical can be done at the same time as a Health Tracks/Well Child Check. If you schedule an appointment with your PCP for a Health Tracks/Well Child check, make sure to let them know you also need a sports physical. Be sure to bring your sports physical form with you!

When I recently had my baby, the hospital staff asked who I would like as my child’s provider, why did this provider not get transferred over to the Human Service Zone as the chosen PCP?

Only you can choose your child’s Provider (PCP). You must inform your local Human Service Zone who you would like as your child’s PCP. Hospital staff do not have access to add or change your PCP. Hospital staff may ask for your PCP name for their own use or to make any needed referrals.

Can vaccines(shots) be given at a Health Tracks/Well-Child Check?

Yes, your PCP will check your vaccine record and they can be given if needed. Click here to learn about vaccines.