Provider Enrollment Information



To be eligible for enrollment, a provider must:

  • Provide services to at least one North Dakota Medicaid eligible recipient.
  • Meet the conditions regulating the specific type of provider, program, and/or service.
  • Hold a current license, certification, accreditation, or registration according to North Dakota state laws and regulations.
  • Providers must pass the enrollment screening process. 

Application Information

All providers are required to apply for enrollment electronically on the ND Health Enterprise MMIS portal. The exception is Qualified Service Providers.

ND Health Enterprise MMIS Web Portal

All enrollment documentation submitted must include the application tracking number (ATN) from the online enrollment application.

  • Select and fill out the entire packet that applies to your provider type and specialty
  • Attach the required documents and
  • Sign the signature pages for the packet to be considered complete.

You may also use the MMIS web portal to directly enter claims, upload batch transactions, and get real-time access to member eligibility, claims status, remittance advice, payment status and claims history.



Use the following resources to submit both the online and documentation portions of your application. The documentation portion cannot be attached to the online application, so you must submit them to Noridian by email or fax.

Individual Enrollment Information


Required Documents


Revalidation Information

Revalidations are required to be done for all provider records, regardless of provider type, at least every five years.  Qualified Service Providers are required to revalidate their enrollment every two years.

Qualified Service Provider Revalidation Information

In the event your enrollment is included on the 90-day Provider Revalidation Roster you may submit the applicable revalidation checklist.

  • Select and fill out the entire packet that applies to your provider type and specialty
  • Attach the required documents and
  • Sign the signature pages for the packet to be considered complete.

MMIS Provider Contact Information

North Dakota Provider Enrollment captures contact information in the North Dakota MMIS web portal. Staff are able to include names for a variety of contact categories within your organization. If you would like to make an update to your provider profile with any names in your facility who would be the most appropriate person for these categories, please have your organization administrator send an email to or fax to 701-433-5956, Attention: ND Medicaid Provider Enrollment.

Position Number Position Name Position Description
01 CFO Chief financial officer
02 CEO Chief executive officer
03 Admin Administrative assistant or administrative support staff
04 BusnMgr Business manager
05 OfficeMgr Office manager
06 Supervisor Supervisor
07 PA-InPat Inpatient accounts contact person
08 PA-OutPat Outpatient accounts contact person
10 PrvEnrOff This contact person is the contact for all provider enrollment communication
11 PERM This contact person would work with state staff on anything related to PERM
12 Medical This contact person is the recipient of audit recovery letters
13 Audit This contact person would receive audit record requests letters
14 Referral This contact person is responsible for creating or obtaining patient referrals
15 Director Director
16 Accountant Accountant
99 Other Other

Taxonomy Codes

Taxonomy codes identify a health care provider by the service they provide and area of specialty.

Providers are required to submit taxonomy codes when submitting paper or electronic claims to ND Medicaid. This excludes Qualified Service Providers (HCBS claims), transportation claims, and claims submitted by other atypical provider types.

Learn More on Taxonomy Codes

Taxonomies (59kb pdf)

View a searchable list of:

How to Search

  • Open the document
  • Hold the Control Key and press F
  • A search box will be displayed in the upper right of the screen
  • Enter your search criteria (NPI number)
  • Click the NEXT button in the search box to locate the NPI number you are inquiring on

Instructions to validate your taxonomy code(s) in Enterprise MMIS

Taxonomy codes are:

  • Maintained on the provider's record and will be verified based on licenses and certifications
  • Submitted to North Dakota on claims and other items such as service authorizations
  • Used during adjudication
  • Required on paper and electronic claims. Claims without the required taxonomy code will be denied.

Taxonomy codes listed on a claim MUST match the taxonomy codes on a provider's record or the claims will be denied.

Questions about taxonomy codes, changing taxonomy codes or other enrollment information



Search for Enrolled Providers

Use this search before completing an application. If a provider is enrolled, do not submit a new application.

Search Enrolled Providers

Search by NPI - Individual

Search by NPI - Group

Search by Name - Web Portal (1.32mb pdf)



Options for Submitting Provider Enrollment Documentation

Electronic Secure Link:

For those providers that wish to send the required documentation via email, you must request access to a secure link by sending an email to An email will be sent back to you with a link to a secure site to send your documents to the enrollment application.


Providers may fax the required documentation to (701) 433-5956
ATTN: NDM Provider Enrollment


Noridian Healthcare Solutions
Attn: ND Medicaid Provider Enrollment
PO Box 6055
Fargo, ND 58108-6055
Phone: (701) 277-6999

Additional Information and Resources

Additional Information and Resources
Enrollment Maintenance
Add Service Locations

The department only needs to add service location requests specific to Physical Therapists and Group enrollment.

Add Service Location Form

Add Primary Care Providers (PCP)

Required for all primary care providers.

Contract to Provide Primary Care Case Management Services (SFN 1296)

Frequently Asked Questions for Provider Enrollment

Questions? Need Help?

Questions? Need Help?

Noridian Healthcare Solutions
Attn: ND Medicaid Provider Enrollment
PO Box 6055
Fargo, ND 58108-6055

Phone: (701) 277-6999
Fax: (701) 433-5956

Developmental Disability Providers

Phone: (701) 328-8935
Toll-Free: (800) 755-8529

Qualified Service Providers

Phone: (701) 328-4602
Toll-Free: (800) 755-2604 - to enroll

Enrolling as a Qualified Service Provider