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The mission of Community Connect is to provide quality, community-based behavioral health services to meet the needs of each person.


Care Coordination 

A care coordinator assists with short and long-term goals, and barriers, and provides a source of connection and support.

Peer Support 

A peer support specialist is an individual with similar lived experience that offers hope, support and advocacy.

Recovery Services

Access to services or programs to assist an individual with meeting their needs and goals.


Care Coordination Training

North Dakota Care Coordination training is designed to provide Care Coordinators
with the attitude, skills, and capacity to perform their job duties..

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History of Community Connect


Stakeholders in the North Dakota Behavioral Health System Study 2018 reported that North Dakota’s current behavioral health system is “primarily crisis oriented and pays inadequate attention to rehabilitative and community-based services.”

The study identified a recommended (4.1) to ensure access to needed recovery support services, including providing funds to support the implementation of a “Free Through Recovery” program separate from the criminal justice system. During the 2019 North Dakota legislative session, Senate Bill 2012 passed which created a new section in ND Century Code and provided funding to implement Community Connect.


Frequently Asked Questions

To help understand the Community Connect, we have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers.


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