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We are committed to making a lasting impact on North Dakotans and we thank you for your help in getting individuals connected to services. On this page you will find guidance and resources to making the application process smoother.


Ways to Apply

Applications can be submitted in the following ways:

For additional information about public assistance programs and client rights, view the Application for Assistance Guidebook.

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Are you an Authorized Representative or a Trusted Partner helping with the application process?

Here's what you need to know.


Authorized Representative

This is a person who knows the applicant or family who will have the same responsibilities they would in the application process. They will be able to make informed decisions, receive notices, forms and updates.

You should complete the application as an authorized representative if you are someone who is close to the applicant and can help answer sensitive questions about their situation.

Can an authorized representative sign the application on behalf of the applicant?

This depends on the program they are applying for:

  • SNAP, Medicaid and LIHEAP allow for an authorized representative to sign the application.
  • An authorized representative should not sign an application for CCAP or TANF.

How do I become an authorized representative?

You must be designated by the applicant, the applicant’s spouse or another responsible member of the household.

This can be done in writing or by completing the authorized portion on the application through the SSP or on the paper application.

For help applying as an authorized representative, click here.

Trusted Partner

These individuals work with trusted organizations or are professionals who provide education on programs and application assistance. They are considered a helper that assists many applicants, and are limited to the information that can be exchanged.

You should complete the application as a trusted partner if your relationship with the applicant is likely to end after the application process is complete.

Can a trusted partner sign the application on behalf of the applicant?

A trusted partner should never sign the application.

How do I become a trusted partner?

We see our trusted partners as community agencies dedicated to the success and well-being of those we serve together. While no sign-up is required to become a trusted partner, you will need to create an account in the self-service portal to assist applicants with applications, document submissions, and case education.

For help applying as a trusted partner, click here.



Learn about available services


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Get help for your family including paying for child care and temporary assistance to support your family.

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Find help with food from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or WIC.

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Find help with healthcare needs for you and your family.

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Get help with heating, rent, utilities, mortgage and more.

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Communication with the eligibility team is sent through the Customer Support Center:

Phone: 1.866.614.6005; 711(TTY)
Mail: Customer Support Center P.O. Box 5562 Bismarck, ND 58506