The purpose of a teen party ordinance is to discourage drinking parties by creating legal means to sanction the party host (e.g. homeowner, leaseholder, etc.) and party attendees, thus reducing the incidence and likelihood of underage drinking and off-premise alcohol sales. 

What is this strategy?

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Teen Party Ordinance)

When should I consider implementing this strategy?

  • Youth are consuming alcohol at parties.
  • Law Enforcement is unable to gain entry in order to make arrests or break up a party.

How do I implement this strategy?

Key Activities for Implementation:

  • Review current city, county, and business policies and determine where enhancements can be made.
  • Provide information and build support.
  • Draft policy and work with policymakers.

OJJDP Guide to Preventing and Dispersing Underage Drinking Parties

OJJDP Controlled Party Dispersal Presentation

Party Patrol Implementation Toolkit (FACE) 

Party Prevention/Controlled Party Dispersal (PIRE Presentation)

Have others implemented this strategy? 

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