Health Tracks Vision Services Information


North Dakota Medicaid members ages 0 through 20 are eligible for vision services. These services must be done by an eye doctor who is enrolled as a North Dakota Medicaid provider.

How often will vision services be covered?

Members ages 0 through 20 are limited to one exam and one pair of glasses every 365 days. If new glasses are required for a big change in correction, the glasses need to be prior approved.

Can I choose any pair of glass frames that I want?

Certain lenses and frames are covered, ask your provider to see options.

What happens if I break my glasses?

If the first pair of glasses are broken and the damages are not covered by the warranty, they may be replaced if they are within the 365-day replacement time.

Are contact lenses covered?

Contact lenses and dispensing fees require prior approval and are covered only when medically necessary and not for cosmetic reasons.

Is there an age limit on my child’s vision services

There is no minimum age limit. If you have vision concerns for your child, please schedule a vision exam for them.

Can I be reimbursed for an exam and glasses if my child got them before I knew they were eligible for Medicaid?
No, glasses for members who become eligible for Medicaid going back are not covered. However, eye exams are covered for members who become eligible going back. For example, a member had an eye exam and ordered glasses on July 15, then on September 1, the member became eligible for Medicaid going back to July 1. North Dakota Medicaid would cover the eye exam, but not the glasses.