Chest x-ray on deviceDiagnostic X-Ray tests (including tests furnished in a place of residence used as the patient's home) must be under the supervision of a physician. The residence used as the patient's home can include a skilled nursing facility or hospital that does not provide X-Ray services for its patients and arranges for these services through a portable X-Ray supplier, such as a mobile unit.

However, to be certified as a portable X-Ray supplier, the mobile unit can neither be fixed at any one location nor permanently located in a skilled nursing facility or a hospital. Despite the mobility of the services, the base office address of the supplier must be identified as the supplier, and the supplier must be certified in each state in which its operation is based. A post office box number does not suffice.

List of X-Ray Suppliers


Appendix D - Guidance to Surveyors: Portable X-Ray Services