The purpose of the state health assessment (SHA) is to define the health of the population and identify the factors that impact health outcomes, including the social determinants of health. Through cross-sector engagement, the SHA process identifies existing resources that can be mobilized to address the health priorities determined within the state health improvement plan (SHIP).  

The SHA consists primarily of data collected by the state of North Dakota, including both quantitative and qualitative data. The foundation for the SHA data analysis is the leading causes of death - determined by death record data.  

The SHA data is displayed in an interactive dashboard (below) along with a full report which includes health inequity profiles. The health inequity profiles highlight significant data indicating health issues in specific populations.

The SHA data is also used to inform the identification of priorities in the state health improvement plan. The selected priorities and implementation plan are available at the State Health Improvement Plan page.

The SHA dashboard was created in 2021 and is to be updated annually or when new data sources and sets are needed. Data regarding the causes of death, associated risk factors, causes of hospitalization, social vulnerability and health care access are included as they become available. 



Additional State Health Assessment Resources:

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