Provides financial coverage for services to children with special or chronic health conditions who meet eligibility criteria.

Diagnostic and Treatment Services

Helps families pay for medical services for eligible children, youth and young adults who require specialty care to diagnose and treat their chronic health conditions. Please call (701) 328-4816, 711 (TTY) to learn more and follow-up on your Special Health Services' Financial Coverage Program application.


Gross income is generally used to determine financial eligibility. When there is an erratic or seasonal employment history, please provide a projected income amount. If self-employment (e.g. families who farm), adjusted gross income should be used to determine financial eligibility.

Families with incomes up to 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) qualify for the Special Health Services (SHS) Financial Coverage Program. The income amount changes annually each May and varies by household size. 


Russell Silver Syndrome

Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS) is a rare genetic disorder characterized by a wide variety of symptoms and physical findings that can vary in range and severity from person to person. The characteristic findings are:

  • Growth delays before birth and after birth with growth deficiency often resulting in short stature in adulthood
  • Unusual, distinctive facial features
  • A pinky finger that is fixed or 'locked' in a bent position
  • Undergrowth of one side or structure of the body resulting in unequal (asymmetric) growth
  • Often normal intelligence but potentially increased risk of learning disabilities

In accordance with state law, Special Health Services pays for growth hormone treatment and medical food for individuals with Russell-Silver Syndrome.

Individuals through 18 years of age who are diagnosed with this condition and living in North Dakota can enroll in the program without regard to family income.