COVID-19 Child Care Stabilization and Recovery Grants


What: The department's Early Childhood Division is using funding streams to support the health and sustainability of North Dakota's child care sector. The grant opportunities available to the state‚Äôs early childhood community will help address operating and facility costs, and will support greater access and quality.

Who: All Child Care Programs

  • DHS Licensed Programs: Group (in-home and facility), Family, Center, School-age and Preschool
  • Self-Declared Programs

Grant Opportunities

More detailed information can be found in the grant descriptions or viewed within the Quality Dashboard, Apply for Cases area of your Growing Futures Organization Account.

How to Apply for Grants

Apply through the Growing Futures Registry at

Step 1: Make sure Registry Account(s) are up to date. This includes your Individual Account and/or Organization Account (for business owners/directors)

Step 2: Log in to your Registry Account and Apply.

Grant Process

image of application process

  • Payment: Grant payments will be processed and paid within 30 days of the grant approval.
    • Note: Due to the anticipated high volume of grant applications, programs may experience longer grant approval processing time.
  • Renewal:
    • Stabilization grant renewal will be available monthly upon the completion of a spending report (within Growing Futures Workforce Registry).
    • After completion of spending report, programs will have access to the Stabilization Monthly Renewal Grant within their Organization Account on Growing Futures registry to apply for continued funding. This process will be completed monthly for up to 12 months or the program reaches the maximum allowable grant total (whichever happens first), while funding is available.

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