Each participant in Community Connect has the opportunity to select a provider.

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Ability Consulting

Ability Consulting, LLC is a Community Connect provider in the Grand Forks region. Ability Consulting is a single provider office. Jake Wesoloski has lived and worked in Grand Forks since 2004. He has Undergraduate and Masters Degrees from the University of North Dakota in secondary education and special education. Jake also has an educational leadership certificate from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. His career of working with youth and families in local school districts lends itself well to helping individuals set and meet goals. As a provider, Ability Consulting will provide case management with a focus on educational goals, employment, housing, making connections and overcoming barriers. Individualized attention and a focus on relationships provided by Ability Consulting will help you to achieve your goals, working towards successful abstinence and productive, fulfilling life.

Ability Consulting
Phone: (701) 770-3525

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All Of Us In Recovery

All Of Us In Recovery offers comprehensive Case Management that provides client support in accessing services in the community, such as behavioral healthcare, peer support, housing, medical care, advocacy, education, employment, social and spiritual opportunities to improve their lives in recovery.

Phone: (218) 779-6825

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Arise Above Foundation

Set a pathway to coordinate services for individuals and families in North Dakota. Arise Above Foundation connects people across the ages to community resources and advocates for equal access to opportunities and resources. Additionally, the organization provides training and resources to minority groups to help them engage and thrive in postmodern realities.

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Better Together ND

The mission of Better Together ND is to provide care coordination, peer support, and recovery services aligned to each individual’s specific needs. A participant-centered care plan and client-driven goals will provide guidance and encouragement while helping participants engage in services that enrich their lives, prevent criminal justice involvement, and put them on a path to future success.

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Centre, Inc.

Centre, Inc. is a private non-profit agency that provides rehabilitative services to individuals to achieve social re-integration. The Centre has over 40 years of experience providing services to justice-involved individuals in outpatient and residential settings. We understand the unique risks and needs of these individuals and the importance of collaboration that assists in making transitions and reintegration successful.

Grand Forks
201 S 4th St
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Phone: (701) 335-7895


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Community Options

Community Options provides evidence-based, person-centered services to individuals and families residing in North Dakota communities.

Care coordinators will:

  • Connect you with peer support.
  • Assist you in finding and retaining employment.
  • Assist you in your education goals.
  • Assist you in identifying barriers and how to overcome barriers by making appropriate referrals.
  • Assist in finding housing.

1405 Library Circle
Grand Forks ND 58201
Phone: (701) 772-1715

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Empowered Living

Empowered Living LLC is operated by Ali Lynch, who provides care coordination for the Grand
Forks region. Ali has worked in healthcare for over 14 years and holds a Master of Science in
Nursing from UND. Frequent areas that she helps clients navigate include education, housing,
employment, transportation, and other needs to set them up for success.
With a commitment to personalized care and a deep understanding of community resources, Ali
is here to support you every step of the way. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a
brighter, more fulfilling future.

Grand Forks, ND

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Face It Together

We help addiction sufferers and their loved ones get well and stay well through peer addiction management coaching and other support. When clients step through our doors, we want them to know that they’re in the right place. We help take the mystery out of this disease. Our coaches are highly trained peers who have walked in your shoes. They provide practical, goal-oriented support and guide addiction sufferers and their loved ones through the wellness process. We’re independent and non-judgmental and will support any path to getting well. We also connect families to resources and services in the community, including treatment, housing, employment support and other needs to help them stay on track. Our coaching is confidential and available to anyone for any length of time. We serve clients at any stage of recovery. Our coaches will help those impacted by drug and alcohol addiction find their way to wellness.

311 S 4th St.
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Phone: (701) 566-5631


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F5 Project

F5 Project provides transitional and re-entry support for those who were and are incarcerated before they are released. We pride ourselves on working on the inside to help bridge the community. We believe in meeting the individual where they are at, and that sets us apart from other organizations in the same sector. We believe that meeting the individual where they are at will help with character development, parenting, employment readiness, and social engagement. 

We believe that not only is the person being transformed, but our community as well. That is why we have community meetings where our staff, the people coming out of incarceration and the community can engage one another and destroy stigmas. These connections heal worldviews, families, and communities. As part of the transition and re-entry support, we provide safe and affordable housing with peer mentorship. The peer will help with employment support, positive social networks, and transportation. A peer is defined as someone who was formerly incarcerated that has lived in the shoes of the person they are providing support for.

F5 Project works with the state of North Dakota on the Free Through Recovery program. Free Through Recovery (FTR) is a community-based behavioral health program designed to increase access to recovery support services for individuals engaged with the criminal justice system who have serious behavioral health concerns. Free Through Recovery is a partnership between the Department of Human Services and the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The mission of Free Through Recovery is to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce recidivism by delivering high-quality community behavioral health services linked with effective community supervision. The goals are to improve engagement in quality services and to provide access to individualized services that are responsive to each person’s specific needs.

F5 Project is proud to be joining the state of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Behavioral Health’s newest program, Community Connect. Community Connect helps pregnant women, families, caregivers, and individuals by providing a one-stop entry point for needed services, such as housing, employment, financial, parenting, physical health, and community connections.

F5 Project has homes in Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck and Moorhead, MN. We offer care coordination for Free Through Recovery (FTR) and Community Connect and peer support services in Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck, Jamestown, Dickinson, Minot, and Williston.


311 4th Street S, Ste. 8
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Phone: (701) 960-9648

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Libertas is a non-profit, community-based organization that has partnered with North Dakota’s Department of Health & Human Services to provide residents of Cavalier, Pembina and Walsh Counties with the resources and support needed to navigate behavioral health, housing, employment, sobriety and post-incarceration challenges.

Libertas is the Roman goddess of liberty. Liberty is a state of freedom and embraces the notion of the power to choose. Libertas’ Care Coordinator and Peer Support Specialist have more than 70 years of collective experience helping others to make better choices, to live better, to live free.

Libertas is here to help you.

Telephone: 701-521-5122

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Spectra Health

Spectra Health is a non-profit community health center that provides integrated medical, dental and behavioral health with a sliding fee discount program available to income-eligible patients. Spectra Health is community-based and patient-directed. In addition to our medical, dental and behavioral health care services, Spectra Health also provides a wide variety of supports including social work, certified application counselors (help with health insurance) and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for individuals with either an Opioid Use Disorder and/or an Alcohol Use Disorder. Spectra Health works hard to provide comprehensive services in a primary care setting that address all aspects of health.

212 S 4th St. #301
Grand Forks, ND 58201
(701) 757-2100

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Sunny-Side Center

Sunny-Side Center is a community-centered agency in Fargo, North Dakota. Our team of mostly multilingual service managers, peer support specialists and care coordinators provide services in the areas of mental health, housing stability and assistance with obtaining employment.

Sunny-Side offers services through programs such as Community Connect, Free Through Recovery, and 1915(i). Our goal is to walk alongside participants through challenging periods, working towards short-term and long-term goals to improve their overall quality of life.

1407 24th Ave. S. Suite 209
Grand Forks, ND 58201
(701) 936-1758

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You Shine Too

Changing the world, one family at a time. When we change ourselves, we can change our lives. When we change our lives, we can transform our homes and our children. When we transform our children, we can affect change in our communities. When we change our communities, we can transform our country, and when we transform our country, we can change the world—one step at a time.

You Shine Too will equip you with person-centered values and principles to make a change in your life.

Phone: (701) 740- 6506

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Your Pal Kal

Your Pal Kal is a small organization with a big passion for helping people. I am dedicated to helping people grow their wellness and overcome self-limiting beliefs. I enjoy witnessing people surpass their expectations of what is possible and seeing people radiate that wellness into the world.

As a person that has struggled with addiction, I am familiar with the enormous barriers that people face when working toward positive change. I am here to offer you a partner in navigating those barriers so that you can build a life that you are proud of, a life that you enjoy.

I believe that every person has inherent value, regardless of typical measures of productivity. I want to help you see that value. I will provide referrals for employment, housing, treatment services, peer support, mental health services, support groups, counseling, etc. I have become familiar with the available resources in the area and will partner with you in navigating these resources. I will also help you complete applications, establish transportation options, develop organization skills for success, and build habits for healthy relationships, among other things. Whatever difficulties you are facing today, is what I wish to assist you with. I take pride in the work that I do, and I look forward to growing with you!