About the Advisory Board

The mission of the North Dakota Viral Hepatitis Advisory Board will be to provide representative community feedback on the viral hepatitis-related programs, services, plans and events of the NDDoH. This board is intended to represent the vast communities impacted by viral hepatitis in North Dakota, including but not limited to members who represent diverse ages, gender identities, races/ethnicities, sexual orientations, viral hepatitis status and experience or expertise.

The board looks to:

  • Advise the NDDoH on how the department can plan and implement services and interventions that address the viral hepatitis epidemic in and for all communities.
  • Provide a community voice in decisions NDDoH makes about current and future services.
  • Offer feedback on how well NDDoH works with members of the community in consideration of the needs of the jurisdiction.  

The NDDoH will be more information on the Viral Hepatitis Advisory Board in the Fall of 2021. The application to be a part of this advisory board will not occur until late 2021.  If you are interested in the Advisory Board, please contact the Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator at (701) 328-2378.