A texting tipline is a method for individuals to provide information to law enforcement about youth drinking, parties, other drug use, or other concerns. Tiplines with easy-to-remember numbers promoted to students, teachers, or parents concerned about underage drinking and other drug use can be a valuable information source for law enforcement. 

What is this strategy? 

Texting Tipline Overview

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Texting Tipline)

When should I consider implementing this strategy? 

  • Youth report drinking alcohol at both social and retail locations such as house parties, or in their parents’ home, apartment buildings, private fields, hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, etc.  
  • This strategy can also help with other alcohol/drug-related crimes such as vandalism, violence, bullying, etc.  

How do I implement this strategy? 

Key activities for implementation: 

  • Determine agency responsible for monitoring the tipline.
  • Determine coverage area (multi-county, county, city).
  • Communicate and gain support from law enforcement and community.
  • Once implemented, promote the tip line and provide information to the public on how to use it.

How To Texting Tipline

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Have others implemented this strategy? 

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