This strategy uses minors, under the direct supervision of law enforcement, to solicit adults outside of liquor stores to buy alcohol and holds adults accountable for knowingly providing alcoholic beverages to youth. Any person seen furnishing alcohol to a minor is arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

What is this strategy?

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Shoulder Tap Enforcement)

When should I consider implementing this strategy?

Youth are reporting acquiring alcohol from adults – specifically strangers outside of liquor stores.

How do I implement this strategy?

Key activities for implementation:

  • Build community support for the Shoulder Tap program.
  • Educate/Train law enforcement on the Shoulder Tap program.
  • Work with retailers, council, commission, etc. to pass policy requiring program.
  • Communicate efforts to the general public (including results of shoulder tap enforcement operations).

Introduction to Shoulder Tap Operations

Have others implemented this strategy?

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