This strategy holds people accountable for knowingly providing an environment where underage drinking is occurring such as on property they own, rent, or lease. This differs from a  Social Host Ordinance as these restrictions are implemented on a more specific and individual level.  This is not a city ordinance; rather, it is the adoption of business policies and practices.

When should I consider implementing this strategy?

  • Youth report drinking on private property such as in motels, hotels, and apartment buildings.

How do I implement this strategy?

Key Activities for Implementation:

  • Review current city, county, and business policies - can be a business policy or city/county-wide ordinance.
  • Determine where enhancements could be made.
  • Work with policymakers and businesses to pass restrictions or controls on youth alcohol consumption.

Guidelines for Deterring Underage Drinking: A Guide for Hotels and Motels in the Cities of Bloomington, Edina, and Richfield

Have others implemented this strategy?

North Dakota Communities:

Other Communities: