This strategy counters the appearance of alcohol consumption being the norm by implementing policies/controls within the school, college, and workplaces. 

What is this strategy? 

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (College Campus Policies)

When should I consider implementing this strategy?

  • Alcohol consumption appears to be the norm at school events or workplaces.
  • There is a lack of alcohol-free events.

How do I implement this strategy?

Key Activities for Implementation:

  • Assess current policies and determine where enhancements can be made.
  • Start with small steps and work towards a larger goal.
  • Provide information and build support for change.

School Policies:

School Policies and Violations/College Campus Policies (CADCA Presentation)

Your Substance Abuse Policy: A Comprehensive Guide for Schools

ND Department of Health Comprehensive Tobacco-Free School Policy Toolkit

Sample MOU “Information Sharing Between School and Police Department”

Worksite Policies:

Worksite Policies (CADCA Presentation)

SAMHSA Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit

SAMHSA’s Making Your Workplace Drug-Free: A Kit for Employers

Have others implemented this strategy? 

North Dakota Communities: 

North Dakota Century Code 15.1-24-05 “Duty to Inform”
A law enforcement agency shall notify a school principal in writing if there is probable cause to believe that a student enrolled in the school has violated underage drinking laws. 

Ellendale High School Policy

Youth Violation Report

Other Communities:

United Public School District Safe and Drug Free Schools Policy