This strategy includes pursuing regulations to reduce alcohol beverage outlet density, limit the increase of alcohol beverage outlet density in an area, establish controls over location, or limit the hours and days of the sale of alcohol beverages. 

What is this strategy?

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Limit and Restrict Location and Density)
Controls on Alcohol Outlet Location and Density (Town Hall Meetings)

Has this strategy been proven to be effective?

Hours and Days of Sale and Density of Alcohol Outlets: Impacts on Alcohol Consumption and Damage

When should I consider implementing this strategy?

  • There are a high number of alcohol retailers within your community.
  • Bars and liquor stores are located near schools and other public buildings.

How do I implement this strategy?

Key Activities for Implementation:

  • Survey and map retail outlets within the service area.
  • Review local ordinance and zoning.
  • Publicize information  to support the effort.
  • Draft sample policy and regulations.
  • Work with council/commission to implement regulations.

Regulating Alcohol Outlet Density: An Action Guide

Controlling Alcohol Outlet Location and Density Implementation Toolkit (FACE)

Have others implemented this strategy?

North Dakota Communities:

Grand Forks Alcohol Outlet Location Ordinance