Checking ID for Alcohol Sales relates to any efforts to enhance the checking of IDs. Examples of implementation include a carding policy within a retail establishment, an ordinance/law requiring retailers to card customers, the consistent utilization of electronic ID scanners, or training servers/sellers on how to identify false IDs.

What is this strategy?

Catalog of Prevention Strategies (Checking IDs for Alcohol Sales)

When should I consider implementing this strategy?

  • Youth are able to purchase alcohol by using fake IDs.
  • Retail staff are not carding.
  • Retail staff are not taking the time to verify information on ID.
  • Retail establishments do not have a policy in place to mandate carding.

How do I implement this strategy?

  • Assess retail outlets and carding practices.
  • Obtain information on local ordinances: mandatory carding.
  • Determine what will work in your community.
  • Build support for enhancing card practices.
  • Work with retailers, council, commission, etc. to pass policies/ordinances.

What Every Store Clerk Needs to Know About Selling Alcohol (Oregon Liquor Control)

OJJDP Identifying Fraudulent Identification (Fake IDs) Presentation

Age Verification – Identification Checklist

Have others implemented this strategy?

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