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North Dakota Health and Human Services (HHS) Interim Commissioner Sara Stolt today announced the resignation of Chief Financial Officer Arnie Strebe, thanking him for his service to the citizens of North Dakota. Strebe’s last day will be Jan. 19, 2024.

 “Arnie brought a versatile background and comprehensive business expertise to HHS that was instrumental in driving strategic planning and continuous improvement in our work to deliver health and human services to North Dakotans,” said Stolt. “We are grateful for his leadership and wish him every success in the future.”

As the Chief Financial Officer, Strebe led several significant initiatives that reduced operating expenses and provided an opportunity for HHS to reinvest funds in people, infrastructure and process improvement to continue to meet the health and well-being needs of North Dakotans. He and his team implemented a new budget management system that improved the budgeting process across the agency. In addition, Strebe led the ongoing HHS integration effort for finance, aligning processes and systems across two complex legacy agencies.

His contributions extend to other state agencies as well; Strebe served as the co-lead for the State’s Continuity of Government Services during the pandemic, a role in which he helped guide 57 agencies through a time of great change and the transition to a remote work environment while sustaining services to North Dakotans.

"I’m full of gratitude for having the honor of serving North Dakotans at the largest agency in the state,” Strebe said. “I am full of appreciation and respect for the opportunity to work with team members committed to continuously innovating and improving to empower people, improve lives and inspire success.”

Strebe served as HHS chief financial officer since 2020. Prior to joining HHS, Strebe, a former Army Ranger, spent nearly three decades in executive leadership roles across multiple industries including banking, sales, retail, and manufacturing. He will be returning to the private sector to focus on his consulting practice, which includes executive coaching and helping businesses succeed in North Dakota and beyond.

Donna Aukland, assistant chief financial officer, will serve as interim chief financial officer while a search is conducted for a new HHS chief financial officer.

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