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October is National Bullying Prevention month, a time to educate and raise awareness on ways to prevent bullying.

Parents Lead, a North Dakota program administered by the state’s Health and Human Services agency’s Behavioral Health Division, has created new information to help parents, caregivers, professionals who work with children and other trusted adults understand bullying and how they can help children and youth who may be affected by it.

The information found online at ParentsLead.org highlights how to recognize the signs that a child is being bullied or is bullying others; strategies to address bullying and conversation starters for healthy dialogue about it.

Parent Lead also offers these tips to help prevent bullying: 

  • Help children understand bullying. Talk about what it is and how to stand up to it safely.
  • Keep the lines of communication open with a child. Check in with them often and listen to them.
  • Encourage children to do what they love by getting involved in special activities, interests and hobbies to boost confidence and help them make friends.
  • Model how to treat others with kindness and respect.
  • Encourage a child to speak to a trusted adult if they are bullied or see others being bullied.
  • Talk about strategies for staying safe when around others as well as online.

Parents Lead is an evidence-based prevention program with the primary goal of providing parents and caregivers with tools and resources to support them in promoting the behavioral health and of their children.

Professionals who work directly with children, parents and families can also find a wide variety of information on recognizing the signs and symptoms of a behavioral health concern, prevention and early intervention strategies, treatment and recovery services and other resources.

Parents Lead resources can be ordered online at no cost from the North Dakota Prevention Resource and Media Center at www.parentslead.org/communities/order-materials

Visit ParentsLead.org or follow Parents Lead on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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