What is the NDIIS?

The North Dakota Immunization Information System (NDIIS) is a confidential, population-based, computerized information system that attempts to collect vaccination data about all North Dakotans. The NDIIS is an important tool to increase and sustain high vaccination coverage by consolidating vaccination records of children from multiple providers, generating reminder and recall vaccination notices for each child and providing official vaccination forms and vaccination coverage assessments. Children are entered into the NDIIS at birth through a linkage with electronic birth records. An NDIIS vaccination record also can be initiated by a healthcare provider at the time of the child's first immunization. The NDIIS has the capability of collecting vaccination data on adult patients as well as children.

Residents looking for their immunization record or records for their minor (under age 18) children can find all the forms and instructions on the immunization program's Immunization Records Request web page.



The vision of the NDIIS is for all North Dakotans to be included and for all providers in North Dakota to report immunization information so the system can provide a single data source for statewide immunization partners. The vision to maintain a statewide database of immunization information is an effort to increase immunization rates in order to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases in North Dakota.



  • To capture 100% of the vaccinations provided to North Dakota residents.
  • To ensure that 95% of all children in the state are participating in the NDIIS and have at least two immunizations documented in their NDIIS record.
  • To ensure that 90% of all adults in the state are participating in the NDIIS and have at least one immunization documented in their NDIIS record.
  • To provide all registered NDIIS providers with access to vaccination data, allowing them to query the NDIIS for current and historical patient immunization records.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of all patient information received in the NDIIS.
  • To ensure healthcare providers administering immunizations are reporting to the NDIIS within one month of administration.
  • To maintain the security and confidentiality of patient information stored in the NDIIS.



Adults 19 years of age and older have the right to opt out of the NDIIS. By opting out, you are indicating that you do not want any of your immunizations, including both past immunizations as well as newly administered immunizations, to be entered in the NDIIS. By choosing not to have your immunizations in the NDIIS, you are not allowing any healthcare provider that you see to be able to view your immunization history in the NDIIS, which could lead to additional, unnecessary immunizations. You also may be unable to find your immunization record for future school or employment. Once you have opted out of the NDIIS, you can choose to opt back in to the NDIIS, however there may be information missing from your immunization history. To opt out of the NDIIS or to opt back in complete the form below and submit the form to the ND Department of Health immunization program by mail or email.


NDIIS Application Support Services provides user login support (i.e. password resets).

Call toll-free (800) 544-8467 or email ndiissupport@bcbsnd.com

All other NDIIS questions should be sent the Division of Immunization NDIIS Team at ndiis@nd.gov