Module One:

The Foundation for Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children At Risk

(12 hours)

  • Session One: Understanding and Assessing Self-Esteem
  • Session Two: Building Self-Esteem and Understanding Behavior
  • Session Three: Communicating with Children and Youth (Part I)
  • Session Four: Communicating with Children and Youth (Part II)

Module Two:

Using Discipline to Protect, Nurture, and Meet Developmental Needs

(6 hours)

  • Session One: Promoting Positive Behavior
  • Session Two: Promoting Self-Responsibility and Responding to Unacceptable Behavior

Module Three:

Addressing Developmental Issues Related to Sexuality

(3 hours)

Module Four:

Responding to the Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

(6 hours)

  • Session One: Understanding Sexual Abuse
  • Session Two: Responding to the Issues of Sexual Abuse

Module Five:

Supporting Relationships Between Children and Their Families

(9 hours)

  • Session One: Respecting and Supporting Child/Birth Family Ties
  • Session Two: Supporting Contacts Between Children and Their Families
  • Session Three: Becoming Partners in Parenting

Module Six:

Working as a Professional Team Member

(9 hours)

  • Session One: Strengthening Teamwork Skills
  • Session Two: Developing Your Professional Role
  • Session Three: Conflict as Opportunity

Module Seven:

Promoting Children's Personal and Cultural Identity

(6 hours)

  • Session One: Valuing and Making a Commitment to Cultural Competence
  • Session Two: Helping Children Develop Life books

Module Eight:

Promoting Permanency Outcomes

(9 hours)

  • Session One: Providing Children Safe and Nurturing Lifetime Relationships Through Reunification
  • Session Two: Providing Children Permanent Families Through the Goal of Adoption
  • Session Three: Providing Permanency Through Guardianship, Long-Term Foster Care, and Independent Living

Module Nine:

Managing the Fostering Experience

(6 hours)

  • Session One: Managing Change in Your Family
  • Session Two: Managing the Impact of Child Abuse/Neglect Allegations

Module Ten:

Understanding the Effects of Chemical Dependency on Children and Their Families

(15 hours)

  • Session One: Understanding Risk and Protective Factors
  • Session Two: Understanding Chemical Dependency
  • Session Three: Recognizing the Impact of Parents Chemical Abuse on the Child and the Family
  • Session Four: Understanding the Implications of Prenatal ADD Exposure for Parenting Young Children
  • Session Five: Developing Partnerships with Birth parents and Working with the Team to Strengthen Families